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Enterprise RSS a focal point for employee information


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Time Magazine says social media is the one thing that most influenced the news and our lives in 2006. it will be interesting to see what most influences our lives in 2007.

One trend sure to be in the running is the use of RSS in the enterprise. RSS is poised to become the focal point that employees turn to for information, eclipsing individual aggregators plus systems such as portals, intranets, and enterprise applications, says CRM Daily. A recent Pew Internet Foundation survey found nearly one in three individuals consumes RSS feeds. So much for the idea that RSS is still in its infancy. And for enterprises, the most telling response was that 63 percent of these RSS users subscribe to work-related feeds.

The Unicom Conference that takes place in London in February 2007 focuses on Web 2.0 in the work environment. Understanding Blogs, Wikis, Really Simple Syndication (RSS), Virtual Worlds etc., is essential in today's rapidly evolving business landscape, says their press release.

According to Robin Good of MasterNewMedia, RSS feeds are far from popular with publishers intent on boosting page view statistics and fearing leakage through content that's delivered to users who will never come in to their sites. Yet all trends and prediction for 2007 indicate that there will be a seismic shift to mobile consumption of information. People with PDA's ,cell phones and RSS readers don't surf the web anymore - they don't have to. The content comes to them, when and where they want it. Publishers will have to make this move too. They need to accept that an important portion of their revenues will rely on understanding how to make money from content delivered to their audience's personal devices, says Good.

Indeed. content syndication is one of the best parts of Web 2.0. Feeds facilitate the sharing of content and make it so much easier to consume the data. Perhaps we'll see the RSS icon on the cover of Time next year.

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Sally Falkow is founder and co developer of PRESSfeed, an RSS service for marketing and PR use. She is co-author of The Power of Online Syndication in Public Relations. For more information on RSS visit

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