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Increase Your Websites Credibility and Conversion Rate With Security Seals


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Build Your Conversion Rate and Web Credibility By Using Security Seals

Everyday there are thousands of new internet users online. In spite of the fact that more and more people all the time are making purchases using the internet, there are a great deal of consumers who remain concerned about the process and as a result are timid about the internet. Consumers are fast becoming more smarter, more careful and more savvy about what can put them at risk. Online customers want to be positive that their personal information is guarded and that their privacy is going to be upheld under any circumstances.

Increasingly, it is the responsibility of internet merchants to provide their customers with a safe and secure place to make purchases. Websites that are honest and ethical can not only offer their customers wonderful products and services, but also boost the confidence they've got in the online purchasing process. By utilizing a trust seal program on their sites, e-business owners will build consumer trust and enhance website credibility. Trust seals and marks have the ability to boost sales and conversion rates by 15% or more.

As the owner of a website, an important asset for you is the credibility and confidence your site conveys to potential customers. It might seem like an inconsequential thing, but if your visitors have faith in you and your site, they will more likely buy from you, and the more credibility you've got, the more sales you are going to make. To put it simply, site integrity means more profits for you. It's a proven fact that placing trust seals or trust marks on a website and providing third party verification of your site's credibility translates to better sales.

Trust seals come in a variety of forms and from various companies, but for the most part you'll find seals in one of three categories:

Business Seal:For this seal, the company's physical address is confirmed and verified through United States or Global Priority Mail, as is the business's customer service phone number and e-mail address. Generally, qualifying for this security seal requires a support/business e-mail and phone numbers, company name, business address, and site URL. A number of third party verification companies additionally require a managing member of the applying company to provide a phone number, valid address and e-mail address in order to be awarded a business verified seal.

Privacy Seal:A privacy verified seal is given to sites with a privacy policy that meets the specifications and standards outlined by the third party. Implementing a privacy policy and following it is an important part of creating consumer trust. Privacy policies typically give a promise that private and personal information will not be exchanged, transferred or sold for any reason, that information won't remain on file for longer than a specified time frame, and that customers won't get e-mail correspondence from the company without their permission.

Security Seal:Regarding a company's privacy policy and SSL certificate, placement of this particular seal documents a Website's security. Websites that are awarded a security verified seal have had the security of their customer check in and out pages as well as their SSL certificate verified additionally with meeting the specifications and standards of the other seals featured here.

Trust seals and third party verification can help change the anxiety that a number of consumers feel about whether they can trust sites with their vital and personal information. Website validity and authenticity can make a huge difference in conversion rates and online sales. The objective of trust mark programs and third party verification is to help verifiable and recognized online merchants to build the web credibility they need to make their business a success.

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C. Cook is a content writer who writes about and researches subjects of interest to internet merchants, including conversion rates and boosting sales.

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