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Internet Marketing Strategy Still Relies On Content


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Although CMO's and PR agencies are paying attention to new online tools like blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds, the success of these tools depends on whether anyone reads or listens to them. And that depends on the quality of your content.

RSS is the underlying technology that is fuelling the spread of these online marketing tools. They are touted as the way to build relationships online and drive traffic to your website. Undoubtedly any Internet marketing strategy should include these tools, but only close attention to your log files and web metrics will reveal whether or not they're working for you.

A blog, podcast or feed is just another medium to deliver content. And if that content does not grab the readers' or listeners' attention and motivate them to keep listening, you won't be seeing those traffic stats rising.

A feed by itself does nothing. Blog software by itself does nothing. These new tools require content. While there are millions of personal blogs, and people seem to have a lot to say, in a business setting up a blog or a feed must be carefully thought out.

What kinds of communication do you have now, or would you like to have, with your customers on a regular basis? Could this be better delivered in a blog format? One large institution has decided to use a blog to facilitate the communication between their marketing department and customer service reps around the country. Sun Microsystems and Microsoft say that offering the public a window into their employees? daily lives has done more for them than years of public relations.

Could a podcast be used for annual reports and CEO speeches? Would anyone listen? Do you have interesting information that can be delivered in audio format? A recent podcast survey showed that while technology, entertainment and comedy are the top podcasts subjects, news and education are fast-growing categories and there's a lack of good content in these fields. So if you have the resources to generate an industry news podcast on a regular basis, you would probably be successful.

An Internet marketing strategy is a vital part of doing business today and it is essential to keep up with all the new tools. But the results will depend on whether your content meets the needs of an ever-more sophisticated audience with lots of choices.

About the Author

Sally Falkow is President of Expansion Plus, an Internet marketing and PR firm based in Los Angeles, CA. She is the author of WebSense: website marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and the co-developer of PRESSfeed, an RSS marketing system.

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