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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 06-01-09


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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 06/01/09

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Happy New Year and yes 2008 was not a good year and yes, there were a lot of worries about the economy as a whole and yes, the banks seem to be part of the problem and need to do more to help with public confidence. But it is a new year and even though the economists have predicted a somewhat gloomy year it is all down to public confidence which includes you...
A new year is a new start for some and with a new president of the United States; hope is on the horizon as a new era starts. “What can I do?” you may ask. The answer is down to you to look for what can be done and to keep you finger on the pulse to spot when the recovery starts and how you can be part of the solution. Keeping our integrity and ourselves up to date and ready will help and you may make loads of money.
With this is mind there is a whopping 20% off on all documents in the legal documents section when you spend over £20 to help budding entrepreneurs start off and help many businesses to reduce their legal costs. (See below)
We also will not detract from our objective to give you a reliable and informative website that is packed with information and news that is 100% reliable from many sources including the BBC, HMRC, Financial Times and other reputable suppliers of information all in one place.
Have a great and prosperous year and let’s improve on 2008 whatever the odds.

Tax News

The UK’s High Court has backed an earlier European Court of Justice decision that the UK’s system of taxing foreign dividends contravenes EU law. This means that there can potentially be billions of pounds due in tax refunds for UK taxpayers that have already been paying tax in pasted years. This is very bad news for the treasury who are expected to appeal especially in the current climate as this will add more pressure on the public purse.

Tax Tip

If you live alone then you may be entitled to a 25% discount on your council tax bill. This may be something you have forgotten to do if your circumstances have changed in the past. If there is more then two adults living in the property and one or more of them fall under one of the exemptions then the number of adults that live in the property will be reduced for council tax purposes. If for example two people live in a property, a mum and a son who is in full time education, then for council tax purposes there is only one adult  and the 25% reduce will be in effect. This can also be backdated depending if proof can be provided. Check on your council’s website on how to do this and a full list of exemptions.

Business Tip

Networking works, this can be deliberate or unintentional via recommendations and referrals from others that know of you or have seen your work before. Encouraging this or being proactive can pay dividends and can get you known and noticed. Pass your business cards around and pass others’ as well if they are good and someone asks. This will keep you connected and open up new opportunities.

Legal Tip

If you sell product via the internet, mail order or over the phone you will need to know about the Distance Selling Regulations and make sure you comply with them. This usually is not hard once you put a few measures in place and will, of course, protect you from breaking the law and keep you in good practice. If you are not sure and need an explanation, click here.

Legal News

Scotland will apply to have it’s own domain in 2009 when the ICANN invites for new registration this year. It is speculated that it maybe .scot or .sco. Research shows this to be a popular idea in Scotland. You can read more here

Copyright terms may be extended from the current 50 years to 70 years giving greater protection to artists and there families. This is after mounting pressure from the industry and the EC Internal Markets commissioner who proposes 95 years in February. You can read more here.

The Information Commissioner is to be given tougher powers to protect the public from breaches of the Data protection Act. This was introduced by Justice Secretary Jack Straw to regain public confidence after some of the fiasco with losing personal data in 2008. We all want our personal data protected and we want those that are negligent to be punished. You can read more here.

Articles - watch


If you are already doing this then hopefully you already know about this.
Change in Bonus Rates for SAYE sharesave scheme 

With the housing market not going too well and many people worrying about the future and their mortgage then this may be a relief. The Homeowner Mortgage Support Scheme.

Have a look at the Personal Business Skills Articles  section as this may be a good time to re-evaluate yourself and make some improvements if needed.


Use the code “sign up for newsletter to get discounts” in the second part of the checkout stage to get a 20% discount on all purchases over £20 in the legal documents section. This discount will last until 15th of January 2009 to help you start the New Year and we may even extend it.

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