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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 07-12-09


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Is there anything British any more? This once great nation is being dissected of its land, its powers and its great institutions. It seems that we are living in a more global economy but why does it seem we are being eroded so much? The announcement of the sale of Gatwick is a point in question which is the latest of a long list of great British institutions that we had to sell off.

We need ownership if we are to be players in the world economy. We have the know how. What's stopping us moving forward?

Tax News

The Chancellor Alistair Darling has announced that the pre-Budget report will take place on Wednesday 9th December 2009.

Vat rises back to 17.5% on the 1st January 2010, midnight new year. This will get us back to normal in terms of accounting and pricing but is this the right time. The idea was that reducing the rate to 15% will lower prices and give consumers an incentive to buy. What now?

This has been a big upheaval for businesses but there are concessions for businesses that remain open after midnight and into the early hours. These businesses can use the 15% VAT rate till six am or closing time which ever is comes first. Notably these are businesses that account for VAT at the point of sale rather than invoicing.

 Those that can enjoy the grace period includes:

  • pubs
  • clubs
  • restaurants
  • retailers
  • telecommunications companies

You can read more here.

The Intrastat thresholds will be changed from 1st January 2010. You can read more here.

Austria and Luxembourg have vetoed a draft anti-fraud agreement between the European Union (EU) and Liechtenstein. This effects the anti-fraud agreement negotiations with Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra and San Marino. You can read more here.

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Business Tip

Plan with times frames. It's easy to forget sometime in these hard times that we not only have to plan, set key indicators, but we must also set ourselves a time frame. If you do not meet the time frame then remember to adjust the plan with the corrective measures and add another time frame to see the effects. This is easily said than done but not doing so will leave you in limbo. Give yourself time limits.

Business News

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has announced plans that would give them the power to fine organisations up to 500,000 for serious breaches of data protection principles. Good new, we can only hope this will prevent organisations being negligent. You can read more here.

Legal Tip

A lot of businesses sell both goods and services. The terms and condition for goods and the terms and condition of services have different clauses and combining the two may be necessary. We sell both templates and have decided that you can have the second one for half price. This will help you to create your terms and condition on your terms.

Also we will increased the 5+ document discount code to 40% for a short period. If you're planning to starting a new business in the new year then now is the time to get your documents.
Click here.

Legal News

The Treaty of Lisbon came into effect on 1st December 2009 and will increases the powers of the European Parliament. You can read more here.

An EU law will come into effect within 18 months that will require prior consent for internet cookies from websites. This will effect advertising and web analytics including Google's and can make users and providers work difficult and poor for the end users in Europe.

There is an exemption for shopping cart cookies but this is no concession as users may prefer to use US websites for all other things as they do not have to follow this law which will inconvenience the user. Another alternative is for companies to move their operations out of Europe. Surly this is not the effect they wanted.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal recently found that employers can set physical standards or mental ability as a precondition of obtaining a job. This however does not mean that they are labelling those that fail the test as being disabled. It would seem that common sense has prevailed.

Articles - watch

If you have written articles, why not send them in and we can add them in our articles section and let others learn and know of your expertise and thoughts. We can now put your photo or logo in your authors section and with each article if you qualify.

Website Update

We  have a Business Directory that's growing. If your business has a website then get your business listed for only 4.99 for a normal listing and 19.99 for a featured listing. Why not submit your site now...

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