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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 11-03-09


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The budget speech in on the 23rd of April this year. Why so late you may ask. There have been a few suggestions flying around, one being the G20 conference later this month and also the closing of parliament for recess.
Whatever the reason there is a lot riding on this budget.  Some may see it as a wise move to wait till after the G20 meeting as Gordon Brown sees the current economic issues as a global problem. Even so, his opt out clauses are running thin and we need strong leadership in these difficult times. 
He has to show us, the people, that he will help businesses and stimulate the economy and reduce the stealth taxes he has been known for. He may have to reverse some of his previous policies for the good of the country and to inspire and encourage entrepreneurship. Businesses have been failing and falling, the big and the small. This trend will need to be reversed to reduce unemployment and stimulate growth and his budget will have to be the catalyst.

Tax Tip

If your son or daughter is getting married this year there a £5,000 inheritance tax exemption for gifts in consideration of the marriage (or registration of a civil partnership) by each parent. Why waste the opportunity, hopefully they will only marry once.

Itís coming to the end of the fiscal year which means that any unused limits should, if they can, be used up .e.g. the capital exemption limit for individuals is £9,600 for this tax year. So if you are thinking of selling that car and can do it before the 5th of April 2009 you may save on the capital gains tax if you have not already used your tax exempt .

Business Tip
We all rely on technology way too much and in these precarious times it is especially important to have backups. Not only business backups, but personal backups of files, emails and documents. Just recently we heard of a colleague telling us his ISP went bust and he has lost everything. The good news is that backup software and hardware are relatively cheap (some are free) and worth the small investment in both money and time especially once the schedules for the backups are setup.

Legal Tip
Many businesses have to lay some of their staff off in these difficult economic times. Having an agreement can protect both parties from being sued. One way to do this amicably is to agree via a termination/compromise agreement. You can get one here if needed and there is whooping 20% discount off right now!

Legal News
The Banking Act 2009 came into effect on 21 February. This is just the beginning of the changes we can expect in the near future..  New Banking Act comes into effect

The new Health and Safety Offences Act 2008 came into force in January 2009 which increases penalties and imprisonment for offenders.

Articles - watch
This is a thought provoking article about trust. Have a read. Trust
All employers and agency workers should be aware of their legal rights and recent changes that keep coming our way. Agency workers - know your rights

Website Updates
We are always on the lookout for informative articles and gadgets. If your company has any that will be of benefit to others please let us know and we can add them to our site.
Future developments

Planning to add a financial gadget section and add company formation from other countries and offshore jurisdictions to give you access to more experts.

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