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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 15-07-09


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 90% of BA pilots have accepted a 2.6% pay cut. This is after the earlier news that the company asked its entire staff for volunteers to take unpaid leave or work for nothing for a month.

Unbelievable some might say, (especially if you are a tube driver). Is it reasonable for the company to make such a request?

 In most cases the answer is no. But if the company fails in the next six months to a year, all those people will be unemployed and may suffer for a long time at that point they may  ask themselves if things would have been different if they had accepted such an offer. 

 We are not in easy times and losing a months salary will not be easy for most staff. However, what choice do you have? Is there an alternative method? Is management just getting it wrong? Is there an alternative? There are no easy answers to these questions, but if a sacrifice now secures their employment especially in these hard times then it has to be a consideration. This is not an easy decision by any stretch of the imagination.

Tax Tip

 If you are feeling healthy,  there are tax incentives for you and your employees. Get the business to buy bicycles, related safety equipment, and its tax free to the employees as long as it is used to get to and from work. If you have "cycle to work days", you can get a free breakfast also from the business. That is a bike, safety equipment and breakfast all tax free. Speak to your accountant before implementing.

Tax News

 A new notice on the taxation of gold coins has been issued. If you have some hidden under the mattress then read this. Reference Notice 701/21A

 A new Double Taxation Arrangement (DTA) between the governments of the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands was signed in London on 15 June 2009

 You can get email alerts for the rest of the tax year to remind you of the tax deadlines that apply to you. UK Tax Calendar

Business Tip

 Most business websites are used for branding, selling or providing information. Is it worth the investment to do all three? Well if you have a website and you are using it for only one of the three, will you profit from doing something else. Set aside a budget and see what happens.

Legal Tip

Business is about relationships, image and supply and demand. The more partners you have the more the risk is spread and another's experience resources and expertise can add in many ways.  There is two main methods of collaborating with others in business.

1) Joint venture and

2) Partnerships.

Do not forget to get the correct paper work or you could stuff up the whole business before it starts. Why? There are many reasons the main two are: If it not in writing there is no legal evidence. If you have an agreement then you would have agreed most of the topics that are important to you.

Legal News

 The Company Officers (Disqualification) Act 2009 is now in effect in the Isle of Man. Read more here

 NHS patients given right to delete electronic record under the Data Protection Act in certain circumstances..
Read more here

 Data Protection notification fees increases to 500 from October for large organisations. Read more here

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Website Update

 We have added a widget to increase and decrease font size in the articles section as this is a reference area. We have also added it to the accessibility page as this is the most useful page. This will help you to get the size just right for you.

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