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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 17-04-09


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In this issue we have:

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  • Tax Tip
  • Business tip
  • Legal Tip
  • Legal News
  • Articles - watch
  • Website Update

The tax rates for the year are now on the inland revenues website but we have not released them as we have been caught by this before and there is a good chance they may change. (Remember last year). The G20 meeting seemed to be a success and gives confidence but we all are eagerly awaiting the budget speech as they refine and re-refine what is needed and hopefully what will work.

A lot must be happening, even the tax briefing they released were not in sequential order. If the reason for the delay is they just want to get it right, wells that understandable. I’m looking forward to all the reports a few days after the budget to allow all the experts to have some time to digest and give their views on what is in it and what the effects will be. Will keep you informed.

Tax Tip

HMRC publishes benchmark scale rates for day subsistence. This is subsistence payments to employees who incur allowable business travel expenses free of tax and national insurance contributions. See HM Revenue and Customs Brief 24/09

Mothers-to-be can claim a new Health in Pregnancy grant. This is a tax-free cash-bonus of £190 to help pregnant mothers stay fit and healthy in the run up to the birth See Click here for more

Business Tip

We are all spending a lot of time on the internet. We visit vast number of websites and sometimes neglect our own. Take some time or ask a friend to look at your website with a specific purpose and ask them

  • What they think?
  • If they found what they were looking for?
  • Did they like the look of the site?
  • Have they any suggestions?

In fact have a look at our site and email us with the answers to the above questions and we will give out rewards for anything we take on board.

Legal Tip

Many businesses are changing employee’s contracts and the working conditions of current staff. It’s a good idea to compare different types of contracts and the terms in them to cope with the new environment we find ourselves in. You can get one here if needed and there is a whopping 25% discount code “contract756” right now!

Legal News

New employment laws came into effect on 6 April 2009 concerning statutory holidays. This seems to be more a European way of thinking but I’m sure there will be no complaints. Read more here.

New regulations came into force on 6 April 2009 which require that details of user emails and internet telephone calls are stored by internet service providers (ISPs). You can read more here.

Articles - watch

Money makes money and business are finding it hard. There is Alternative forms of funding in the current climate.

Our branding should never slip, especially in these difficult times. Brand Yourself.

Website Update

Just started the financial gadget in the tools section. We will only be putting up tools and gadgets we feel that will be of use.

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