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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 19-06-08


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Tax Tip

If you send your children to a private school, read on. If you own the business then even better, that's because the school fees can be a benefit in kind. There are two categories;

1) The business has a contract with the school.

The school fees are paid by the business and the employee pays no PAYE or national insurance. The employer will have to pay the employers national insurance. It will also appear on your p11d.

2) The employee has a contract with the school

The school fees are paid by the business but the employee will have to only pay the national insurance on the fees but no PAYE. It will appear on your p11d and the employer will have to pay national insurance also.

Speak to your accountant first to get it right. Giving your children the best just got cheaper.

Business Tip

Timing is everything. Get it wrong and not only can you lose out but at the very least you may wasted your time and money. There is however some basic rules that can help.

1) If you are calling abroad then check what time it is over there. You can use this tool. Just type in the city or point your mouse to the location. Calling people five minutes after they should have left to go home and asking them to create a new report for tomorrow will not go down well especially if its a favour your asking and you could have easily rang them two hours earlier.

2) Follow the etiquette of the environment that you are calling. i.e. call after 9:30 am if your inquiry is not urgent and you are calling an office staff. This gives them time to settle in and get their bearing and they should be more helpful.

3) Try imagining what situation the other person is in and think what will be the best time to get the best results. i.e. if they are in meeting every Tuesday afternoon then its a bit point less calling on a Tuesday afternoon.

You’re not always going to get it right but giving the matter a bit of thought may help you get the right results.

Legal Tip

When you have a big order or contract and you have never dealt with the business before or they do not have a great credit score then you can get the directors of the company to sign a director's guarantee letter. This will secure payments and eliminate most of the risk.

Legal News

The Americans are planning the Orphan Works bill which will affect the rest of the worlds copyright if it becomes law. The proposal is that if you do not register any work that is copyright on a database in the USA then in effect it up for grabs. See full article here

Apparently there seems to be an over the top proposal to give the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) an international organisation, the power to search peoples laptops, ipod etc at airports to see if they have breached copyright laws. Full story here

Articles watch

The customer is king, or is that old hat now. Well happy customers are good customers. Sometimes we forget the simple rules. How we deal with problems can make or break us. You Made a Mistake - Now I am Your Biggest Fan

We have all been concerned with house prices. The question looms, is this good or bad? I guess it all depends how it affects you personally.
Should We Worry Over Falling House Prices

Website Update
Were still working on previously announced updates.

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