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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 22-09-09


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 Before we start, we would like to announce that we have just set up a w business directory, why not get your website listed today. The new business directory laterally has just been setup. Submit your site.

Oil and the UK's exchange rate seem to be quite volatile at the moment.

Oil is predicted  to be more scare in the future as there is little investment being put aside trying to find new sources in the downturn of our economy. This  is a global problem and apparently the oil companies have had legitimate reason for the lack of investment. The  problem is expected to really take hold when the world economy  rises.

Britain  needs to start attracting more investment into the country. This can only be  done  through incentives by the government. No industry by itself can cause the necessary effect to the exchange rates unless the government assists either in law or tax breaks or other incentives.

Tax Tip

The new rules on how you submit your tax return will be implemented for companies  with accounting periods that end 1st April 2010. Submissions will have to be made online from 1st April 2011. This may sound like a long time but it may be best to get in early so that if there is any glitches then you can iron them out before everyone else joins and there is masses of delays which may cause  fines.

Tax News

CVAs and their effect on landlords are in effect. Corporate Voluntary Arrangements have a significant impact on a property investment .
Read more.

National Minimum Wage ("NMW") hourly rates will increase from 1 October 2009

Singapore Goods And Services Tax (Amendment) Bill has been passed.
Read more.

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Business Tip

Knowing when you are on a legitimate site can be hard when scammer and general  scumbags are very sophisticated. We found this great game created by security  professionals that teaches you how to spot phishing websites and how to in general  avoid rogue websites. If you need a break its quite informative. Test your skills here.

Legal Tip

It amazes me when I go to professional websites that offer a professional service and then they forget to either have their price list on their website or their terms and condition of service.The terms and conditions can be incorporated into the website terms and conditions or it can be an additional page. One of the purposes of a website is to provide information.

Legal News

The new Financing and Money Services Act for the Virgin Islands was passed on the 26 May 2009.  Read more here...

Articles - watch

It any of you have written any articles, why not sent them in and we can add them in our articles section and let others learn and know of your expertise.

Website Update

We have just set up a New Business Directory. If your business has a website, pass this on to your webmaster to get your business listed.

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