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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 23/10/08


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Business News
If youíre like me then you may be forgiven for wondering when all the bad news is going to end. Whatís going to solve the problems and what will be the trigger. Maybe we need a kick start, a fresh outlook or new leadership, and we may just get it.
The elections are come up soon in America, Gordon Brown is being blamed by Iceland for not being able to foresee what his actions will bring and blame him for the collapse of their biggest bank. Is this just another politician excuse? Some may think that, others on the other hand may blame Brown for the unprecedented decline in our economy, eating away over the years with stealth taxes, devolving responsibility with the banks. Basically looking after number one to get to number 10. Some however like his way of politics and think the boat is rocking, don't rock it any more. He may just get us out of this.
Who knows? Quite frankly I just care how the economy is going to recover and what's going to trigger it. Who has the guts to do it? Well, history will tell. New leadership or a new direction or both may be needed. Either way, keep your eyes open.
Tax Tip
There is a new section in the tax sheets area of the website. It has a tax calendar which means that you can not only make checks for crucial dates, you can set an email a few days before the deadline to remind you. See the widget at the bottom of an event for a reminder email. May save you money on unnecessary fines. Pass this on to your accounting staff. (It only has dates to December, but this will change soon.)
UK Tax Calendar
Business Tip
Good manners can get you far in life and itís always a bonus and a pleasure when we hear and see it. We found a nice tool called  Etiquette Tip of the Day which reminds us of the obvious but some times neglected in these dark and frustrating times. Bring a smile to someone's face and pass the good feeling around. This makes for good business and a nice work environment. Who wants to do business with someone who is grumpy or rude? Even if you are angry or frustrated and having a bad hair day, donít pass it on.
Legal Tip
In uncertain times giving credit is a concern as a sale with no money is not a sale..., itís a giveaway. It may be time to revise your credit system. Knowing what you can and cannot do will give you options. We have a number of documents to help you do this. Click here

Legal News

A new Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU) comes into operation in 2009. It will work closely with other agencies including the National Fraud Reporting Centre (NFRC) and other international forces to protect users from cyber-crime.

Article Watch

This article is about the big boys getting ruffled in these difficult times.  It points out that professionalism and balance is the key. This also affects confidence when the balance is not right. Security and Banks - Business Articles


Change has happened. Do you know about it. Consumer Credit Act 2006

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