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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 28-10-09


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In this issue we have:

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  • Business News
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We mentioned a few newsletters ago about nuisance calls and we found an article that tells you how to stop them. Now we hear that these companies are now leaving messages on your answer machines. There's a telephone number you can call and register your telephone number with which will stop this. As soon as I read this article I registered my home number.
Read more.

Tax News

If your over fifty or your parents are, then they should be taking advantage of the extra 3,000 pounds tax free ISA allowance before the rest of us get it next year.
Read more.

The Car Scrappage Scheme which was introduced to help the car industry is to be extended giving an extra boost to the industry which has helped over 227,750 people to buy new cars. Read more.

The Cayman Islands has now been elevated to OECD White List.

Vat rules on postage have changed and have been clarified by the European Court of Justice. Read more.

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Business Tip

Delegate where possible. This can be to internal staff or external consultants or service providers. Most manager fall into one of two camps. 1) they want to do it themselves so they know it is done right and 2) those who just want someone else to do everything and take responsibility. The key is to try and find a happy medium. Either way you will need to manage and communicate effectively. Communicate what needs to be done, and how if need be and give them everything they need to do it. Then monitor the logs or results. Once you are sure that the a job can be done effectively and they have everything they need to do it then you can spend more time on the other million and one things that need doing.

Business News

Companies Act 2009 final implementation take effect on 1st October 2009. The Key changes are:

  • Forms have change to reflect the new act.  

  • Directors can have a service address appear in the public register rather than their residential address. They still need to give their residential address to companies house.  

  • A "Statement of Capital" is required for new companies abolishing the concept of authorised and issued shares.  

  • Stricter "same as" rules on companies name.  

  • The Registers powers have increased and have the right to amend or correct incomplete or inconsistent documents before registering them.

Legal Tip

We have updated the shareholders agreement to include the new articles of association for new companies. Email us your invoice number and we will send you a copy of this free document.

How many directors out there don't have a Directors Service Agreement. Yes you may be a shareholder as well but you are still an employee of the company. How do you distinguish your roles legally? What distinguishes a bonus from a dividend payment for tax purposes. If you have a Directors Service Agreement then you can cross the T's and dot the I's.  This also applies to all the directors. Basically if its in the contract its legal...

Legal News

The New Supreme Court is now open in the UK and replaced the house of lords as the highest court of appeal in the country. Read more from their  website.

The default retirement age of 65 is lawful. This is a ruling by the high court and throws a spanner in the works for employers and employees who don't know where they stand. Effectively there can be a default retirement age of 65 but employers must follow statutory retirement procedures to prevent claims being upheld. They should also consider application from employees who want to continue to work over 65 carefully as this is still a hot potato. Read more. There will be a review by the government next year.

Inheritance Tax on contributions to Employee Benefit Trusts has been given further clarification by HMRC. Read more.

Articles - watch

It any of you have written any articles, why not send them in and we can add them in our articles section and let others learn and know of your expertise and thoughts.

Website Update

If you are starting a business or need to refresh your business documents we have created a new discount page in the legal documents section to help you save more money.

We  have  set up a new Business Directory. If your business has a website then get your business listed for only 4.99 for a normal listing and 19.99 for a featured listing. Why not submit your site now...

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