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Scopulus Business Newsletter - 29/04/08


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We have decided to combine sending legal, tax and website updates with a newsletter adding further to goals to add to your knowledge and supporting you in your business life.

In this issue we have a tax tip, legal tip, articles watch and website updates.

Tax Tip

If you are a professional and pay fees or subscriptions to a professional body, then you may qualify for tax relief. Speak to your accountant to see if you qualify.  If so the company can pay for them and it is completely tax free, from PAYE and NIC to both you and the business. It will show up on your p11D but if its tax free and if  you normally get a p11D then it gives no concern. Also if you own the business, your on a win win situation.

You can still get some tax relief if it does not qualify. Again next time you speak to your accountant (or send them an email) let him/her know the details and they will make sure it is done correctly to gain the benefits and also they will tell you what precisely they would need.

Legal Tip

When you have private sensitive talks with potential business partners or consultants then you should have a Confidentiality Agreement - Long signed before you talk. This will safeguard you from them using the confidential information outside what has been agreed or for their own private gain. This is especially important when dealing with anything not in the public domain e.g trade secrets, licences etc. Add this to your arsenal!

Articles - watch

Have you ever been curious how encryption works and what types there is. Then this article is an eye opener. Encryption and ISO27001

If you are in the buy to let business then have a read of this article.
Taxation of Buy to Let Properties

Website Update
We have decided to change the company formations section from being very old school to a fully automated service. (This seems to be where the demand is). This will happen in the next few months. We have not however decided yet whether it is viable to have both systems.

The whole idea of the current system we have is that you get an experienced qualified company secretary to form the company for you. He not only checks the application for you for errors and foreseeable problems he also confirms the details with you. This gives you a number of benefits the best being that you now you have a contact that is a professional (once you have ordered) who is very familiar with the companies acts and the relevant working practices. If you have any queries in the future then you have a very good person to help you.

You pay a bit more for this but at best with other services you get to speak or can contact a customer service staff who will not be qualified. Remember with current regulation you do not need to be qualified to set up companies. We thought it was best to start off on the right foot. We know we did. Get it right first time.

The new system will be fully automated for submissions and payment. Both will be taken online. This is a cheaper and more efficient method.

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We have decided to combine sending updates with a newsletter adding further to goals to add to your knowledge and assistance you in your business life and acumen. To find out more about our newsletter please click Here.

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