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The internet is experiencing a new wave a revival of sorts and it comes in the form of web 2.0. Many users are exposed, use it and benefit from it but have no idea what it is. In fact they know they like it, they find it easy and friendly and yet they have no idea they have been touched by the next wave of the best the Internet has to offer.

So what is Web 2.0? It is a new look, feel, technology, idea, concept and terminology all in one great new approach to delivering websites and information. By now you are probably saying have I experienced it? The answer is a resounding YES!

To relieve some of your anxiety if you managed to get this far I will give you some examples:,,,,, etc. So why are they considered Web 2.0? The answer is as simple yet complicated to explain.

It starts with the concept where it is a user experience a platform or application that enables the user to experience and participate in the growth and information that the site will provide to its users. Much like a first settlement all the people help build the town and services. Second, is the look and feel of the website. A refreshing use of soft colors, simple unique names, specific font types, vivid logos, large text and most important less clutter delivering impact and a great user experience based on simplicity and ease of use without sacrificing the ultimate goal of delivering the product, information or service. Think of it as Feng Shui for web design!

Behind the concept and user interface is the meat and potatoes of web 2.0 with some new innovative technologies backing up the designs. The use of API's, RSS, Ajax, CSS, XHTML and others these new approaches and technologies enable designers and programmers to deliver unique and customized experiences to their users free of clutter.

The social aspect of these sites is perhaps what enhances the experience more than anything as users can chart the course of information, expand it and interact with other users by providing firsthand accounts, experiences and information on news, products and services.

So in the end it is a new approach and technology merging to form a new Internet that will grow with its users and be determined by the interaction between them. In other words added value is brought by the people who are looking for it! Is your site Web 2.0? Below is a guideline to help you in determining what you need to change or add to become Web 2.0!

Web 2.0 Guidelines

* Links with no underlines * Ajax technology * Right hand navigation like blogs utilize * Tag clouds instead of categories * Social Bookmark icons * Grey on white or lower contrast text * Rounded Corners on boxes * The use of gradients * Larger images * Centering your layout * Lucida Grande (Mac OS X) * Reflection on images * Ajax * XHTML * API

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