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Ways To Stop Runtime Error 424


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Runtime error 424 is one of the many errors computer users might face when running the Microsoft Windows XP or Vista operating system software. Runtime errors prevent certain applications or programs from being accessed and can hamper effective usage of the computer for work and entertainment purposes. It is due to such that ways to stop Runtime 424 are developed to enable effective usage of the computer.

Before we delve into the ways to stop Runtime error 424, it is important to understand the causes behind Runtime 424 in order to develop the suitable solutions to this problem. Whenever Runtime error 424 occurs, the following message would be displayed "Run-time error '424': Object required" This means that the application which you are trying to run is facing an unexpected programming error which results in its operational failure. Simply said, you are unable to run your application due to a programming error. This message is commonly displayed when users of Microsoft Access 2000 attempts to run Microsoft Office Chart Wizard on the data access page. Alternatively, this problem also happens when you attempt to insert the Office Chart on a data access page when your computer is installed with version 6 of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

There are a couple of ways to stop Runtime error 424. The first would be to uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 if you really have to use that Office Chart. You could also use a computer that does not have Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 installed onto it. There are many great internet browsers out there such as Mozilla Firefox. Thus, you do not need Internet Explorer 6.0 if you really need to use that Office Chart and use the internet.

You could go around the system by choosing not to use Microsoft Office Chart Wizard when trying to insert Office Chart. Instead, create your chart without using the wizard. To make changes necessary for this option to be put in place, right-click on the chart on which you are working on and select the "Property Toolbox" option found on the corresponding menu.

For solving relevant errors pertaining to Microsoft Outlook 2000, you would need to solve the error by selecting HTML as the chose format for editing the runtime error message. This step is different as compared to solving Runtime error 424 in Microsoft Access. In this case open the "Tools" main menu that is found on Microsoft Outlook 2000. Select "Options" from this menu. Subsequently, on the "Mail Format" tab, in the Send in this message format" list, select the format which you would like and click on "Ok' to make the changes.

To sum up, Runtime error 424, like all other computer related problems can be solved if one is able to identify the root cause behind these problems. The key reason why most people are left helpless when runtime error messages are displayed is that they do not know the underlying factor causing the runtime error itself. Knowledge about the underlying mechanics of these problems would thus place you in greater steed to stop future runtime errors.

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