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15 Ways to become Intentionally Dumber


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Itís OK to be dumb once in a while.

After all, the word dumb means, ďUnable to speak or ignorant.Ē

So, it doesnít mean youíre stupid.

It just means youíre willing to admit that you donít know everything.

LESSON LEARNED: Smart people dare to be dumb.

Itís more human.
Itís more relatable.
Itís more approachable.

Now, that doesnít mean you need to be dumb ALL the time!

Just enough to keep yourself accountable, and to keep other people comfortable.

Here are 15 Phrases That Payses to help you sound dumber TODAY:

1. Hereís a dumb questionÖ
2. I donít know what that means.
3. I need to write that down so I can look it up later!
4. I never knew that!
5. I never thought of it that way!
6. I donít know. (My favorite!)
7. Is that bad?
8. Is that good?
9. Wait, I donít understandÖ
11. What does that word mean?
12. Tell me what you mean byÖ
13. Help me understandÖ
14. Tell me that again, I didnít follow.
15. Iíve never heard that beforeÖ

THE SECRET IS: being approachable is about NOT being a know-it-all.

Itís about being constantly curious.
Itís about being an asker, not a teller.
Itís about being open to lifelong learning.
Itís about being confident enough to be humble.

Not to mention, when you're willing to become (intentionally) dumber, that gives other people permission to do the same.

Because clients LOVE to have someone they can feel dumb in front of.

SO, I DARE YOU: be dumber today.

Are you willing to be dumb?

Send me an email ( and share YOUR story of how being dumb paid off!

About the Author

Scott Ginsberg, aka "The Nametag Guy," is the author of three books and a professional speaker who helps people maximize approachability, become unforgettable and make a name for themselves. To book Scott for your next association meeting, conference or corporate event, contact Front Porch Productions at 314/256-1800 or email

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