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Alternative forms of funding in the current climate


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By David Martin  15.03.09

In this article David Martin recommends some alternative avenues and methods that just might set you right.

The credit crunch has made it much harder to fund deals if you donít have ready cash.  However, itís not impossible, and the dramatic drop in prices has meant that there are bargains to be had for those able to be creative and innovative when it comes to finding finance.  It isnít easy, but one businessí crisis is anotherís opportunity.  Below are some suggested routes

  • Pay by issuing shares, although a seller is only likely to agree to this if the shares being offered are listed on a stock exchange so that a Seller has a reasonable chance of finding a buyer when it wants to sell the shares.

  • Deferred consideration by which the seller effectively helps finance the purchase by agreeing for payment to be spread over a period of time, either as simple instalments or varying depending on how well the business performs post closing.

  • Look beyond your main relationship bank as not all banks have been hit equally hard by the crisis.

  • Offer the bank incentives, for example your ongoing foreign exchange business, to help sweeten the deal for them.

  • Look to the private placing market, set for a resurgence as fund managers move in to fill a gap in the market lending to healthy and solvent companies left struggling to get credit.

  • When you have got funding, make exchange and completion simultaneous, so that there is no risk of funding being withdrawn during the gap between the agreement being signed and the ownership of property changing hands.

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