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Are You A Woman Without A Will


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A will is an important document as it clearly states where you want all of your assets to go after you die. And if you have young children, you decide who cares for them.

When you have a will the processing of your estate (assets) will be quicker and cheaper. The State doesn't do.

Do you have a will?

Over half of all adults do not have a will, according to research from (Do you think women are more reluctant to complete their wills?)

Here are some reasons people don't create wills:

-Don't feel they have enough assets to create a will.

-Don't want to deal with one's death...too scary.

-Don't have the time.

-Can't afford one.

-Don't know who to speak to about a will.

-Too young...don't need a will yet.

If you haven't created your will, this is the time to ask what you have to protect.

Plenty of people get squeamish thinking about their own death, so you are not alone...yet it's still something you can do. If you are resistant, find a friend to work with in developing your wills together.

Two Most Popular Wills:

-Regular Will - protects your children and your assets.

-Living Will - allows you to make a decision about your medical care before the need arises. Now you are capable of deciding the type of medical intervention you may want in the future.

What to Do To Create a Will

-If you have children, you must decide who you want to care for them if you're not around.

-Create a list of everything of value that you own - money, jewelry, electronics, antiques, etc. Look around your home and catalog all you have. Don't make any judgment on values here, just capture what you own.

-If you were to give each of these items to someone right now, who would you give it to? Is it something for your children, other family members, a friend, charity? (If you said "trash", it's probably a good idea to do it now.)

-Who do you want to be in charge of executing your will? Someone has to be placed in charge of carrying out your wishes.

-Locate a lawyer (ask around if you don't know anyone) or go online to create a simple will.

What to Do to Create a Living Will

-Take the time to reflect about what medical intervention you would want if you were ever in a critical condition. Do you want the doctors to do everything possible, no matter what the result, to keep you alive? Or, if you are not capable of caring for yourself in the long run, would you prefer to have no medical intervention? There is no right or wrong here, it's a personal decision.

-If you are not sure, find a friend you trust to help you figure out what you want.

-Locate a lawyer (ask around if you don't know anyone) or go online to create a simple living will.

If you don't have a will, put a "creating your will" activity on your To Do list as soon as possible. Even though we think we are in control of our lives and that we will go on forever, the unexpected can occur at any time, so be prepared.

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