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Are You Shooting Yourself in the Foot


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Have you ever worked really, really hard on something only to experience that it just isn't working out the way you imagined leaving you feeling frustrated and stressed?

I recently experienced this exasperating situation in my own life. An inspiring 3 month long project that began as a work of love became hard, hard work to the point of being stressful and no longer as enjoyable. I continued to push forward, ignoring the signals my stress was giving me both physically and emotionally. Do you know what happened? The project stalled. It just wasn't working out. I felt an array of emotions, most of them not so pleasant, such as disappointment and feelings of frustration. I found myself reviewing the project details and strategies to the point that I literally got tired of it.

Do you know what happened next? I chose to take some time off and enjoy spring break with my family.Our days were relaxed with unscheduled, pleasant activities. Do you want to know what happened next? Around the 7th day I experienced an exciting breakthrough! Fresh, brand new solutions came tumbling out of my consciousness. Eureka!

What I didn't realize at the time was that I experienced a scientifically documented brain phenomena called "breakout" I learned of the work of the esteemed, pioneer of Body-Mind connection and health, Dr. Herbert Benson. Dr. Benson authored the classic "Relaxation Response" and has co-authored the new book, "The Breakout Principle". This book delves into the brain function and the trigger points that are directly related to enhancing creativity and maximizing productivity.

The principle is clean and simple. Research demonstrates that working really hard towards a goal (in therapy, a work project, your exercise workout) is a good strategy TO A POINT...if you keep striving hard to the point of struggling, getting blocked and stuck then you will undermine your own success. If you are irritable, not thinking clearly or have somatic complaints (headache or backache), it's time to do the breakout principle! The secret is to know to when to back off. A great strategy for success is to disengage from the project for a period of time. Do something completely different and pleasant such as taking a walk, listening to Mozart or watching a hilarious movie. The brain will shift from a linear thought process to a more creative, receptive mode. This shift opens up the opportunity for you to receive new types of thoughts, ideas and solutions. Very nifty and very possibly life- changing!

About the Author

Success Coach and Speaker, Diana Long, is the President of the Life Design Institute. Diana can help you transform your dreams into reality and give you the shortcuts to success with her variety of life-changing programs and products.

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