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Are You a Seller or a Solver


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Selling is fundamental to any successful business. If you don't have a continuous supply of customers who want to buy what you are selling alternative career opportunities may quickly show themselves!

Well of course that's obvious, I hear you say.

And yet many businesses do not succeed. Of course there are numerous reasons for this. It could be anything from mismanagement and poor accounting to the wrong product in the wrong market.

However, one of the main reasons many businesses are not as successful as they might be is that they are not looking to solve their customer's problems. Instead they try and sell their own products and services.

Well is there a difference? I think there is.

Whether business customers or consumers, people want something that is of value to them. Constantly understanding, checking and reviewing exactly what their customers want and delivering it in the way that customers want it, is what will distinguish the successful from average company and may even determine the length of time a company is in business.

I used to frequently get that 7pm call from someone trying to sell me a conservatory.

Point number 1 – I didn't have a house. I lived in a flat. Point number 2 - I didn't have a garden.

So did that company understand what I wanted? No.
Did they know my needs? No.
Did they waste time energy and money? Yes.

You may have the best product, deliver the best service and think that your customers need it but if you don’t take the time to...

* Understand each of your potential/current customers' needs
* Identify the problem your product or service is solving for them
* Identify the value to them of your particular product or service
* Communicate with them to help them realise the value

...chances are your competitors will be.

So reframe your thinking. How can you solve your customers’ problems?

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Beverley Hamilton works with independent business consultants to help them grow a profitable consultancy and still have time for their life. You can get my Free Ecourse Discover the 5 Most Common Incorrect Assumptions Independent Business Consultants Make and a complimentary subscription to Quickstart, the newsletter specifically for consultants. Go to One Step Further for more instantly accessible resources. Your future Your choice!

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