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Issued 06 Mar 2009

A new industrial activism was today placed at the heart of the Government's emerging Low Carbon Industrial Strategy as new figures showed the UK green goods and services sector is already the 6th biggest in the world.

Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson and Ed Miliband were meeting business leaders at a Low Carbon Industrial Summit in London to map out the UK's industrial priorities for taking advantage of the new global low carbon economy - currently estimated to be worth 3 trillion globally and employing over 880,000 people in the UK.

A pamphlet published today, 'Low Carbon Industrial Strategy: a Vision', highlights a range of companies in the UK already taking advantage of low carbon opportunity and sets out the scope and ambition of the Government's plans. Businesses and others with an interest are asked for their input through a new interactive website to inform a final Strategy to be published before the summer.

Business Secretary Peter Mandelson said:

"Low carbon is not a sector of our economy, it is, or will be, our whole economy, and a global market. Today we are asking what more needs to be done to ensure these changes benefit the UK economy, and what needs to be done to equip British companies to compete for low carbon business in Britain and overseas. A low carbon industrial strategy must seize the opportunities that will come with change. That requires a new industrial activism for a new green industrial revolution."

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband said:

"Tackling climate change doesn't just make moral sense, it makes economic sense too.

"The shift to low carbon in the UK, and around the world is now largely inevitable. What is not inevitable is that Britain benefits industrially from the transition. We want to mobilise every bit of expertise and ingenuity that Britain has to offer.

"Moving to a low carbon economy is the way to secure the economic recovery and growth we need at home and take a lead internationally to protect the future of the planet."

The Government's Low Carbon Industrial Strategy will aim for step change in four key areas:

* Energy efficiency to save businesses, consumers and the public services money

* Putting in place the energy infrastructure for the UK's low carbon future - in renewables, nuclear, Carbon Capture and Storage and a 'smart' grid

* Making the UK a global leader in the development and production of low carbon vehicles

* Ensuring our skills, infrastructure, procurement, research and development, demonstration and deployment policies make the UK the best place to locate and develop a low carbon business and make sure international business recognises that.

New independent research by Innovas is published today. 'Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services: an industry analysis' shows:

* The UK is already the 6th largest low carbon and environmental goods and services (LCEGS) economy.

* In 2007/8 it was worth 107 billion to the UK economy, and could grow by another 45billion over the next decade.

* There are already over 880,000 jobs in the Low Carbon Environmental Goods and Services sector when the supply chain is included. If employment grows at projected rates, an additional 400,000 jobs could be created in the next decade.

* Just under one third (31%) of overall activity is in manufacturing

* The global market for the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector is estimated to be worth 3 trillion.


1. The summit was attended by 200 people from government, business, trade unions, industry bodies and environmental groups.

2. 'Low Carbon Industrial Strategy: a Vision' is published today on a new interactive website for direct and ongoing engagement with business

3. New research 'Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services: an industry analysis' by Innovas is published

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