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Career advice can be found all over the web in a variety of different forms but finding the right advice for you and your situation can prove difficult. Sifting through all that information is a daunting task, especially when you are facing redundancy or wanting to take that next big step in your career.

Where should I go on the net for Careers Advice?

All of the main broadsheet newspapers have excellent blogs and articles providing guidance for job seekers and the forums are moderated by career experts making sure you get quality advice and answers to all of your career qualms.

A few sites to get you started are:

A good Twitter list to keep you updated on careers news and advice:

There are also plenty of career blogs, both from the UK and across the pond, which are updated by professional career coaches who wish to share their knowledge with those searching for advice. These are excellent resources as the advice given is from people who are dedicated to helping those who need career support.

What if I want further Career Management support?

Whilst the advice given on these sites is comprehensive and valuable to any job searcher, being able to talk to someone personally can always be more beneficial. Talking to close friends or relatives can prove more of a hindrance than a help because of their intimacy to you but by meeting someone impartial they can provide objective support whilst understanding your personality. An understanding of your needs, dreams, fears and aspirations is integral if you are looking for career support with an objective viewpoint.

A poll issued by the Guardian Jobs revealed that 79% of people think that paying for a career coach is a waste of money but when stuck in a rut or facing a challenging job search a career coach can lift your spirits and confidence and put you on the right route to career success.

A recent PCS poll showed that 55% of job searchers believe it will take over 3 months to find their next position with 34% of these believing it will take over 6 months. By enlisting the help of a career coach you can cut your job search by half and land you a role which gives you real job satisfaction, which is something a recruiter can never guarantee.

PCS offer all candidates the chance to meet with one of the country’s leading career consultants who will review your CV and give a free evaluation of your career to date. If you are searching for careers advice on the net then why not arrange a meeting at your nearest PCS office.

Making the right decisions for your career is one of the most important factors in enhancing your job satisfaction, so making sure the advice you receive is specific to your individual situation will have a lasting effect on your career and in your personal life!

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Personal Career Solutions have been operating in the career management and outplacement field for over a decade and can provide professional input into your career to make sure you are on the right road. To meet with a consultant for a free, no obligation appraisal please visit or call 0844 880 6690 to speak to a representative.

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