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Michael Beck - Expert Author

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Letís face itÖ No one likes to be "sold" something.

To me, being "sold" is when somebody convinces me to buy something - whether or not I really needed or wanted it. Have you ever been convinced by someone to buy something, maybe even against your better judgment, and then regretted having made the purchase? Iím willing to bet weíve all experienced a situation like that. Maybe we were shopping for something, maybe we were just passing the time, or maybe we werenít "doing" anything - we just happened to be waiting somewhere and somebody struck up a conversation with us. And as they talked to us they may have even started to become assertive or pushy. Or maybe they began using "techniques" on us - moving us (read that as manipulating us) ever closer to saying "Yes". They kept us on the spot until we either said "Yes" or ran in the other direction as fast as we could. Either way, whether we said "Yes" or said "No", the whole experience left a bad taste in our mouths.

No one likes to be "sold" something.

ĎYeah, but nothing happens until someone sells something, right?í

Well, thatís the way the saying goes, but we know that what it really means is that nothing happens until a purchase is made.

ĎBlah, blah, blahÖ Isnít this just a matter of semantics? Arenít you just playing word games?í

No. This isnít a matter of word games. The distinction between selling and buying is important to understand. People do not want to be "sold" things. They do not want to be "maneuvered" into a sale. Instead, they want to make a free choice to buy products and services.

ĎOK, letís say I believe there is a difference. How exactly does this apply to me? How could I change what Iím doing to close more sales (and get people to LIKE ME more)?í

Hereís the key to success: Since people want to feel that theyíre freely choosing to buy, and you want them to choose to buy from you, then you need to be someone who people choose to do business with. This concept is at the core of business success. Letís identify what causes people to want to do business with someone. First off, letís acknowledge an important point. While it is important to be as knowledgeable as possible about your products and services, that knowledge is rarely the reason someone will choose to do business with you.

In truth, itís WHO YOU ARE, rather than what you do or what you know, that persuades someone to buy from you. People will choose to do business with you because they like you, relate to you, and trust you.

About the Author

Written by Michael Beck, an Executive Coach and Strategist specializing in employee engagement, executive development, and leadership effectiveness. Connect on LinkedIn: and visit to learn more.

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