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Consistency Saves You Time and Makes You More Profitable


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Many people try something once and if it doesn't work, they don't usually bother again.

A great example of this is sending out a newsletter to your database. In business, it's really important to stay in contact with your clients, prospects, associates etc. otherwise they can easily forget about you. Why do you think the big companies are always advertising on TV, radio and newspapers?

Sure you can get sick of seeing all this promotion, however when you're ready to buy something, chances are you will choose someone or something that is constantly 'in your face'.

For a small business owner, there are many ways you can keep in touch with minimal expense. All you need is to free up your time to focus on this very important aspect of your business... marketing.

It happened to me this week. I regularly receive emails from an internet marketing guru at least twice a week. They are constant and relentless. Many times I've looked at her emails and thought 'interesting information' but kept my credit card in my purse. But this week I didn't. In fact, the particular product being promoted, I'd seen many times before, however this time, I took notice. My need for her solution was high, so I jumped online and ordered the program.

This lady had built up a relationship with me through her emails. I signed up for her newsletter and had been getting her emails for at least two years. I knew she was an expert in her field and that she had been in business for a few years. As far as I was concerned she was a trusted and credible source of information. She knew what she was talking about and the many testimonials I had read confirmed it in my mind.

You see most business owners send the occasional email or mail-out to their database when they 'think about it' or when things are quiet. If they don't get a good result the first time, they often don't bother again. This is crazy as it can take several exposures to the same information before people take action.

Sure you'll get some people whingeing and moaning that you send out 'too many emails', however those people are the ones who probably won't buy anything from you. They can always unsubscribe themselves anyway.

Just in the past couple of weeks, I've had 3 people contact me who have been receiving my emails for several years. One lady had been on my database for 5 years and contacted me for the first time. Two wanted to be part of my coaching programs and the other one wanted me to speak at a series of events. This will add thousands of dollars to my profits this year.

All three said that my emails were informative and very useful and that the timing was right to do something.

The Final Word

Most business owners and entrepreneurs always complain "I don't have the time" or "I'm too busy''. Unfortunately they are chewing up their time with unproductive tasks and need to 'let go' of activities which fill their day and provide minimal results.

By getting organised and planning your time wisely to incorporate important activities like staying in contact with your database consistently, you'll be more profitable without working any harder.

Lorraine Pirihi Australia's No. 1 Productivity Coach

About the Author

Lorraine Pirihi has helped transform many people's lives both on a personal and business level. She is regarded as "Australia's No. 1 Productivity Coach" and specializes in helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers, showing them how to dramatically boost their productivity, their profitability and have more time to enjoy life. By following Lorraine's tips, tools and tactics her clients.

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