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Consumer Credit Act 1974


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21 January 2011

The consumer credit Act 1974 gives people who enter into credit agreements protection in the following ways (as long as the credit was not more than 25,000).

Your rights

If you have signed a credit agreement and you want to cancel it you can do so within a certain period of time as long as you did not make the deal over the phone and you did not sign the agreement at the seller's shop, office or workplace, (this can include an exhibition stand). Therefore if you signed the agreement in your own home you will be able to cancel after you have signed the agreement.

The seller is supposed to send you a written notice telling you how you can cancel and how long you have to cancel. You must cancel by writing to the address given on the notice. You will be entitled to the return of any deposit paid or goods traded in part-exchange if you cancel the agreement in time.

What the creditor must do?

A creditor, (the one who provides credit) cannot demand early payment, try to get the goods back or end the agreement without first serving a written notice on you giving you 7 days notice of their intention to take such action, (Default Notice).

The notice has to be written in a particular way. If you receive a notice you should get legal advice to check that it is a proper notice.

The notice should contain the following:

1. The notice should say how much should be paid to bring payments up to date.

2. When payments should be made.

3. What will happen if payments are not made.

4. How the agreement can be brought to an end and that if payments are made the

agreement will not be brought to an end.

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