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16 November 2013

Commencing proceedings- what fees should I expect to pay?

Issuing a claim to recover a sum of money which:

does not exceed 300 you will pay 35.00

exceeds 300 but does not exceed 500 you will pay 50.00

exceeds 500 but does not exceed 1,000 you will pay 70.00

exceeds 1000 but does not exceed 1,500 you will pay 80.00

exceeds 1500 but does not exceed 3,000 you will pay 95.00

exceeds 3,000 but does not exceed 5,000 you will pay 120.00

exceeds 5,000 but does not exceed 15,000 you will pay 245.00

exceeds 15,000 but does not exceed 50,000 you will pay 395.00

exceeds 50,000 but does not exceed 100,000 you will pay 685.00

exceeds 100,000 but does not exceed 150,000 you will pay 885.00

exceeds 150,000 but does not exceed 200,000 you will pay 1,080.00

exceeds 200,000 but does not exceed 250,000 you will pay 1,275.00

exceeds 250,000 but does not exceed 300,000 you will pay 1,475.00

exceeds 300,000, or not limited you will pay 1,670.00

If you also need to file other claims for example you include a claim for non monetary releif ie an injunction you need to budget for an additional 395.00.

Once you issue a claim there may well be additional issues which you need to address. For this you need to issue an application ie seek the court's permission.

Where you put the other side on notice, all applications cost 80.00.  

Case management.

During the case there are also fees payable by the claimant only, for example filing a directions questionnaire, and filing a pre trial checklist 220.00 and 110.00 respectively.    

Hearing fees.

Finally, there is a fee payable by the claimant (multi-track) 1,090 and (fast track) 545  

Written by Michael Coyle 

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