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Defamation over the Internet


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4 March 2009

There are two options available when tackling the issue of defamation over the Internet.

The first option in the legal option. If you can establish that a) the comments are defamatory; b) you are identified in the statements and c) the comments have been published to a third party then we can strongly request that postings are removed.

A Defamatory statement is one that lowers the claimant in the estimation of right-thinking members of society.

In doing so you can go after a) the author of the comments (probably not practical) or b) the I.S.P who are under an obligation to remove the postings.

The second option is the commercial one. Hitting authors of defamatory statements with 'legals' may encourage further worse comments on other sites and you may be constantly chasing your tail trying to shut various forums down.

Try joining the forums and talking to disgruntled customer. Explain your business and your goals and try to get them on side. If this works and they do get on board you could actually turn the negative comments in your favour and show any future readers what you are all about and that you actually take time to comfort the doubters rather than silencing them.

Jody Tsigarides is a solicitor who specialises in trade mark law, brand protection and intellectual property law.

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