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Different Types of Employment Contracts


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2 July 2009

There are two most common types of employment contract.

These are:

a) The Indefinite Contract:

This is a contract which continues until either party to the contract gives the required notice to the other. This notice period will be dictated either by the contract or statute law.

b) The Fixed Term Contract:

This is a contract which stipulates a fixed and definite period that the contract will run for.

Both of the contracts above can apply to part time and full time work.

It is however becoming more and more common for employers to place their employees on what are known as 'non-standard' contracts. These will include various bespoke terms which will govern the relationship between the employer and employee and the nature of work to be conducted by the employee.

A common example of this are 'zero hour contracts'. This is when the contract states that the employee is contracted to work 'zero hours'. In reality however the employee may be required to work at any time required by the employer. The benefit of this is that it allows a flexible working arrangement without the need to state definate periods in the contract which will be difficult to alter around the business.

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