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Does the losing party pay costs of case


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26 June 2009

There are two main points when deciding which party should pay the costs of an application or of the entire proceedings. These are:

(1) the costs payable by one party to another are in the discretion of the court (Supreme Court Act 1981, s. 51; r. 44.3(1) of the CPR); and

(2) the general rule, (see rule 44.3(2) of the CPR) that the unsuccessful party will be ordered to pay the costs of the successful party. For all you oldies - 'costs follow the event'.

Under rule 44.3(6) of the CPR, there are 7 variations from the rule that the unsuccessful party should pay the whole of the successful party's costs. These variations are:

(1) that a party must pay only a proportion of another party's costs;

(2) that a party must pay a specified amount in respect of the other side's costs;

(3) that a party must pay costs from or until a certain day only;

(4) that a party must pay costs incurred before proceedings have begun;

(5) that a party must pay costs relating only to certain steps taken in the proceedings, although an order of this type can only be made if an order in either of the forms set out at (1) or (3) would not be practicable (rule 44.3(7) ) of the CPR;

(6 ) that a party must pay costs relating only to a certain distinct part of the proceedings;

(7) that a party must pay interest on costs from or until a certain date, including a date before judgment.

All these variations restrict the amount of costs that a winning party may recover from the loser.

Riyaz Jariwalla is a solicitor who specialises in intellectual property law and commercial litigation.

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