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Email Marketing 101 - 5 Campaign Types That Stick


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Whether you're brand new to email marketing or an old hand at it, you probably will, at some point, run out of ideas for email campaigns. After churning out one permission email campaign a week, month or even quarter, it's totally normal to feel a little empty of ideas once in a while. But since there are so many types of email marketing campaigns you can send besides the usual sales or promotional push, keep reading and we'll bet you'll find your next type of email campaign.

The "best Of" or "Our Favorite Products" email

This simple email can be sent featuring a bunch of the best services or products that you've chosen. Make sure these products are ones you still sell and are easily available when you send the email. Sending a best of email requires very little on your part, aside from some screen shots, promotional copy and the infrastructure to process orders after the email is sent.

The "Customer Favorites" email

Get your customers involved in your email marketing. Send an email survey to your customers asking which products or services they like the most. Even if you get a poor response, take the answers you have and create a customer favorites email campaign that highlights the services and products recipients find divine. Customers love it when you listen to what they have to say. This type of email will make your recipients feel that your are definitely listening to their needs.

The "How To" email

Whether you run a Website featuring home improvement products or knitting supplies, the how to email can help customers improve their skills on their own. Teach them how to do something or make the most of a product you sell. This will add value to your email marketing campaign and earn customer trust that you're not only interest in ringing up new sales.

The "Company Update" newsletter

At different times during the year, send out an email that gives customers an inside look at what's happening at your company. You can highlight important new hires, give customers a visual tour of your warehouse or building, or simply let customers know about your latest toy drive or community outreach project. You'd be surprised how many recipients open these emails just to know what's going on in your neck of the woods.

The "Top Ten Ways" email

Sending a top ten (or top five, top seven, etc.) email full of facts and helpful tips on how email recipients can decorate their home or save money on certain products is a sure bet to make them happy. Gather the tips you've learned by being in business for so many years. By breaking up your regular promotional emails with a helpful, non sales-focused will let customers know that you value them.

If you ever get stuck on what to send next, choose variations of the emails listed above. Remember - customers are bombarded by sales emails day in and day out. By sending them something that's value rather than sales focused, you're giving them a much-needed break from the usual promotional push.

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Gary San is a best practices activist and advocate for Benchmark Email ( ), a leading Web and permission-based email marketing service.

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