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Useful articles concerning Employee Management and business that may be of use to the business professional and people learning the ropes. Articles are Employee Management in nature and are picked for their interest and informative content to you the business oriented person. We hope some of these articles are useful to your business and contribute to your success and understanding.

  1. How to avoid work related claim

  2. Employees get right to request training April 2010

  3. New minimum wage rate and new rate for apprentices announced

  4. How Productive Are Your Meetings

  5. What makes for a successful job interview

  6. Choosing the right Career Advice

  7. What are you wearing to your next job interview - Appearance and dress not regarded highly enough

  8. Golden Oldies - Empowering the workforce after 50

  9. New targets set to protect vulnerable workers

  10. The Right Management Style

  11. One Million Employees Get Skills Boost With Train To Gain

  12. Pygmalion Leadership

  13. New Scrutineers of Trade Union Ballots

  14. 2010 - Dads really do want to spend time with the baby

  15. Good Television - Lousy Leadership

  16. Train to gain helps businesses of all sizes fight recession

  17. New Thinking for a Changing Population

  18. Would YOU be an Undercover Boss

  19. Adapting to the Corporate Culture

  20. Revised Limits on Payments Under Employment Rights Legislation

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