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Facts and the Bottom Line


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Facts and the bottom line

Quality of service expectations

Failing to over haul customer service departments could result in the loss of contracts worth £3bn to the gas and electricity companies. Results from a survey carried out by Datamonitor showed that none of the energy suppliers in the UK are meeting their major customers' quality of service expectations.

Source: Datamonitor May 2003

UK customer centres vs. off shore alternatives

O2, the mobile phone operator, have concluded that off shore customer centres cannot compete with their UK counterparts in terms of overall customer satisfaction. Although off shore facilities offer a 60% cost saving, their outsource in the UK actually achieved up to 3 times the level of sales conversions, and 20% higher customer satisfaction.

There was also a variation of 10-15% in the UK's favor on the subject of understanding the operators, and also a difference of around 5% on making the call relevant and interesting.

Source: Contact Centre Focus Magazine September 2003



93% of our first time impact on others is non-verbal

Source: Harvard University

Badly dressed men, on average, can expect to earn 15% lower than their better-dressed counter parts.

A bad first impression can take up to 15 subsequent meetings to correct.

There is a direct link between what you wear and what you earn.

Badly dressed women, on average, can expect to earn 11% lower than their better-dressed counter parts.

Source: London Metropolitan University

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