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Find the Job You Want with Effective Job Hunting Skills


Keith Appleton - Expert Author

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23 January 2011

Richard Maun explains in is his book, Job Hunting 3.0, the key job search techniques that will help you beat the competition and win the job you deserve.

Following the Coalition Government's Spending Review – Job Hunting 3.0 by Richard Maun will be of particular relevance to half a million UK public sector employees facing redundancy over the next four years.

Maun explains that job-seeking techniques have evolved considerably over the last decade and aims to provide a step-by-step guide for the modern-day job hunter. This follows on from his amusingly titled ‘My Boss is a B@$T@*D’ and ‘Leave the B@$T@*DS Behind’ about how to survive turmoil at work and going self-employed.

Job search Secrets for Success

The key message in Job Hunting 3.0 is that looking for a job is a sales process, underpinned by what Maun terms the ‘three big secrets of success.’ These are:

  1. Passion, being energetic and excited
  2. Networking to improve opportunities
  3. Practice to improve confidence and professionalism.

These skills can have a significant impact on job-hunting activities and are based upon the experiences of successful applicants. The other components of effective job search are explored in detail including:

  • Getting organized
  • Developing a campaign
  • Polishing interviewing skills
  • Maintaining robust records

Job Hunting Toolkit

Maun presents a toolkit of core job search skills with hints and tips covering:

  • Identifying key achievements – using numbers effectively to add value
  • Undertaking employer research
  • CV content and presentation
  • Great cover letters aimed at specific vacancies
  • Telephone techniques

Accessing Hidden Job Vacancies

In addition to developing key job search skills, Maun highlights over twenty places where you can look for opportunities; avoiding being over dependent upon advertised vacancies. The author explores the effective use of social media to self-market, including Linkedin – a professional networking portal. However, this excludes putting pictures on Facebook of stealing traffic cones whilst drunk!

Interview Question Tools and Techniques

For interviews, Maun introduces the ‘Minute to Win It’ technique for effective opening introductions to make a big impact. He then moves onto answering interview questions using ‘STAR’ (STate issue, Action, Results) focusing on what you’ve done and how you did it. This includes potential killer interview questions, with some suggested responses to avoid looking like a rabbit caught in headlights. This is comforting considering that you only have 90 seconds to make a good impression. There is also useful information on assessment centers, a ‘5-slide formula’ to deliver effective presentations and even a pocket guide.

This package of skills will enable applicants to build rapport with potential employers, talk confidently about core strengths and explain how they can add value to the organization.

Maun’s style is friendly and encouraging with humorous anecdotes around real life job-hunting mistakes, acknowledging that it’s a stressful process. He provides an excellent toolkit, which is so large that it would even make a Quickfit mechanic green with envy.

To conclude, it’s an excellent book that can be used by senior executives or someone looking for their first job. As a Local Authority Manager, I’ve even started to use it to prepare for a ‘Government Spending Review’ influenced career change.

About the Author

Keith Appleton JP, BA(Hons), N.Dip.M, MInstLM has over 15 years experience within the public and third sector developing high performing teams in a managerial and strategic leadership role. This is underpinned by his academic experience as a visiting lecturer and membership of the UK Institute of Leadership & Management. Article original published on Suite101.

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