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Five Simple Tips To Save Money On Printing


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Printing can be expensive because of the need to replace the ink cartridges. However there are still ways of saving money on printing . Below are five simple tips to help you to do so.

Tip No1 - Always proof read before printing

Most modern word processor program has spelling and grammar check functions. So use them to check on the completed work before printing. This way any mistakes you may make can be corrected. If not, a lot of ink can be wasted printing pages only to discover there are mistakes in them and the need to correct and reprint.

Tip No 2 - Print only the pages you need

Print preview function is available in word processor programs and Internet browsers. Make use of this function to see how a document look likes before printing. When used, look over the document for the pages you wanted to print and take note of it. Then when you select the print function, enter the desire page range for printing. Further notes on printing pages from the web, beside print preview, switch off printing images or advertisements and just print the text. You may also look for the "printable version" link of the web document if available. By practicing these steps you save paper and ink.

Tip No 3 - Use draft mode

Always print the document in draft mode for proof reading. When printing in this mode, the printing will be in black and white and uses minimum ink. This will save ink and extend the usage time of the ink cartridges. Setting up draft mode can be done by going to the printer driver of your PC, then select the printing preferences and from there select draft mode. Draft mode is also known by other terms like gray scale or low print quality. Another plus point of printing in draft mode is that the printing will be faster, hence saving time too.

Tip No 4 - Use compatible or remanufactured ink cartridges

Using both types of cartridges will save considerable money as they cost less than O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are used printer cartridges and are specially refurbished. During the refurbish process, the cartridges are cleaned, worn parts replaced and recharged with new ink. Using remanufactured cartridges can save 50 percent or more off the price of new O.E.M cartridges. On the other hand compatible ink cartridges are new cartridges manufactured to O.E.M specification. They too cost less than new O.E.M cartridges.

Tip No 5 - Buy in bulk

If you are doing a lot of printing, you can save a lot by buying your ink cartridges in bulk. Sellers normally give extra discount and even provide free delivery when buyers buy in bulk. More savings can be realized if you buy remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges in bulk.

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