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Five Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business


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A lot of small business owners are jumping on the blogging bandwagon and there is a very good reason for this. A blog is a very effective tool for your small business, if used correctly. You're probably wondering if a blog can really help your business or if it is just another fad. There are several reasons business owners are blogging about their business. Blogging helps not only their bottom line, but also their customer relations. Below are the top 5 ways a blog can help your business:

1. Helps potential customers and the media find you- Search engines love blogs! If you post to your blog with search engines in mind, potential customers and the media will find you and your content rich information much easier. But be aware that just because you set up a blog and post a few times does not mean the search engines will find your blog right away. It does take a little bit of time to grow your business blog. Just keep posting content related to your expertise and the press, clients, and search engines will come.

2. Establishes your role as an expert in the field- A blog is a great tool to set yourself apart from the competition as establishing yourself as the expert in your industry. By sharing your opinions on industry news or topics your customers are interesting will automatically generate public speaking invitations and a general perception of your clients as "the expert". For consultants and coaches being viewed as "the expert" is essential. This allows you to raise your rates and never have to worry about where your next client will come from.

3. Creates a dialogue between you and your customers- A blog is different from a website, because it creates a dialogue between you and your blog visitor. As long as you allow comments on your blog, which I highly suggest you do, your blog sets up a unique dialogue between you and your customers. Wondering if your next product or service will be a success, just look to your blog for the answer. If you're already blogging, but haven't received comments yet try asking questions at the end of your blog posts to get the conversation going.

4. Another format to constantly reach your customers- With spam filtering and junk mail settings, sometimes your emails never make it to your customers. But with a blog and a RSS feed, a geeky term for how your blog is delivered, your customers can receive your blog content automatically. It's best to reach your customers in multiple formats whether it's mail, email, blogging, or public speaking. Blogging just adds another tool to your follow-up methods.

5. Free advertising- Who doesn't want free advertising for their small business? A blog is a great way to advertise your services and products without spending a dime. But be careful not to hit them over the head with a hard sales message. It's best to just give great content and mention a few of your services or products within the posts.

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