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Five Ways to Be an Unforgettable Leader


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Can you think of a leader in your life that made a lasting impression? Was it a teacher from when you were in school? Was it someone you admired and read about? Was it a leader you worked for?

It is likely that you have had at one person in your life that stood out as a leader that you admired and wanted to emulate. Each of us has had an interaction with someone that forever shifted how we saw things and ultimately it shifted our behavior. I often tell the story of my boss Ron when I was in banking and in my early 20ís. Ron was a brave leader, he told the truth and he cared deeply about his people. The impact Ron made on me was life changing. Often the leaders themselves donít even know the impact they had on others unless we take the time to let them know.

Ron gave me tough feedback when I was in my early twenties and told me that if I didnít shift my behavior from being highly aggressive ( I am and have been for years now a recovering aggressive) to being more approachable and collaborative that I was going to stop my career. It was tough to hear but boy it was a good kick in the seat of the pants.

Over twenty years later and I have never forgotten Ron AND I tell the story hundreds of times a year. So what makes an unforgettable leader?

I have found that there are 5 things a memorable leader does and they are:

#1- Care
Unforgettable leaders care deeply about their role, they take it seriously. They care about people and specifically the people they lead. I am talking about caring on a very personal level- care about you as a person your goals and ambitions and they want to help you get there. They care about your family life and your happiness. They care about your impact on the team and they care deeply about helping you succeed.

#2- Bold
Memorable leaders have the courage to tell the truth. They do not sugar coat it but they do know how to adapt the truth to the individual and deliver it in a way that can be heard. The reason they tell the truth is because they care about helping you to be the best. They know that telling the truth to you has far more impact then letting you believe that things are okay as they are.

#3- Secure
A solid self esteem is the bedrock of an unforgettable leader. They are not afraid that you are going to take their job away; they in fact want you to succeed because they know that if you succeed they are succeeding. The secure leader also knows that although they are in a leadership position they do not have all of the answers and they are okay with that. They are secure in knowing what they know, learning more and tapping into the talented resource of their people.

#4- Imperfect
The most revered and loved leaders are those who are willing to both show and admit their imperfections. It is easy to trust someone who we know is not just trying to look good or to fit into the corporate profile. When a leader shows their vulnerability we find ourselves relating to them as a real person an authentic person and we want to support them and work hard for them.

#5- Joy
Joy is unforgettable and memorable. When a leader cares, tells the truth, is secure and authentic they can truly operate from a place of joy. Even in times of stress and high volume demands their foundation is so solid that they remain joy like even in the most challenging environments and situations. We remember the leaders who show up strong, supportive and collaborative in both the good times and the difficult times.

As a leader it is easy to become complacent and even apathetic. We may feel that no matter what we do it is not making the impact we hoped for. The truth is we are constantly making an impact we just may not know to what extent. It is one thing to have the title of leader and to be a leader it is quite remarkable to be an unforgettable leader.

Which of these 5 things do you need to work on?

About the Author

Cheryl Cran, CSP President of Synthesis at Work Inc. works with organizations in significantly increasing productivity and profitability through communication strategies that improve employee performance, leverage team synergy and build extraordinary leaders. Many of Synthesis at Work's clients are award winning industry leaders.

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