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Fulfilling your New Year Career Resolution


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The New Year has crept upon us and now, having survived that Monday back at work, it is time to shake away the feelings of dread and focus on the year ahead. After the jovial warmth of the festive season the New Year can often make life seem banal and, with a whole year spreading before us, the completion of any goal can seem too far off for you to feel motivated.

The continual reports of recession and gloom have also woken us from our hangovers this week but donít let the media discourage your ambitions and donít let the grim memory of 2009 keep you dissatisfied in your job. If you delayed looking for a new position when the recession hit now is a good time to get things moving and start your job search with the recruitment industry expressing an upturn over Q4 and a positive outlook moving into 2010.

After the Christmas period there are more vacancies being advertised due to decisions being put off during the festive season. It is important that you make your CV really shine as recruiters and employers will be determined to make the best choices and have a positive start to the year. Use these long cold nights to reflect on your achievements and highlight the positive contributions you have made over past employment. If you understand your abilities and your transferable skills this will give you confidence which is sure to be noticed.

The upturn in the recruitment market will come from businesses investing in their futures and after a shaky 2009 they will be looking to create a solid platform that will provide security throughout an uncertain 2010. Part of this consolidation is to have the best people working for them so if you can market yourself appropriately and are completely assured of your capabilities then there is no reason for you to be left out in the snow this season.

"The most important thing is to be certain of yourself and your goals at this time of year," says Louise Lapish, Project Manager at leading Career Management and Outplacement Consultancy, PCS Executive. "The New Year can be depressing for a lot of people and many people place blame on their career. Businesses are making important decisions but individuals can start being rash."

PCS Executive assist mid to senior level executives and managers in their job search and career progression and really on using networking and the unadvertised job market to pursue career goals and objectives. Louiseís role centres on managing the job searcherís self-marketing campaign, keeping them updated on trends throughout the seasons and directing them towards the strongest leads.

ĎMy advice is to think carefully about what you want and then make a plan. By proving that youíre proactive you can really impress recruiters and key decision makers which can make all the difference in securing a role at this time of year.í

For more information on PCS Executive and how they can help you tackle the current job market please visit where you can submit your CV for a free review, or call 0844 880 6690 to talk to a consultant about your current situation.

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Personal Career Solutions have been operating in the career management and outplacement field for over a decade and can provide professional input into your career to make sure you are on the right road. To meet with a consultant for a free, no obligation appraisal please visit or call 0844 880 6690 to speak to a representative.

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