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The famous Puma leap or the big yellow "M" reminds all of us the famous "PUMA" and "McDonalds"...

No matter how young or how established a company is, they need to make their brand accustomed to their customers. With so many similar kinds of products and services, what makes a company so unique and stand out from rest of the crowd? Or in more simple words "How will your potential customer remember you? The answer is "YOUR LOGO". Its the company's logo that makes all the difference.

Logos are a unique way of pictorially representing what can be said in a few words or a sentence. Logos can be simple, from a simple dot to a more complicated conglomeration of colors and patterns. Company logos should represent the company's products or services in a single image. It should be unique enough to be differentiated from the rest, but special enough to be remembered by the company's potential and existing customers.

Companies make their logos using a combination of icon and text or a simple icon. The text used in the logo can have the company name in full or abbreviated text and the icon or even just a symbol or a brand mark. A logo may or may not have the company's name, but having the company's name is an added advantage. Also there are great logos that just contain the company initials, for example Y! of Yahoo.

The size and color should not be a barrier to the functionality, effectiveness and the attractiveness of a logo. Identity of the company should be properly portrayed. Logo designers should always keep in mind the basic design principles of color, size, clarity and consistency when designing logos. Companies should hire professional logo designers who will be able to understand your company and your mind set.

Companies going for professional logo designers should make sure that their professional logo designers are equipped with the latest skills and well informed with the latest trends in designing. Designers should be aware of copyrights and trademark issues and one should make sure that his designers are not copying from any other logos. The use of third party fonts, too many shadows and glares are also not recommended. Another important thing to be kept in mind by designers is that the logo should be flexible enough to detain its original color and shape when transformed to a different medium.

There are now thousands of designers of logos. It is always advisable to hire professional web designing firms who are experts in logo designs and equipped with proper logo designing softwares.

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