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Issued 27 February 2008

The draft Corporation Tax Bill


On 22 February 2008 the Tax Law Rewrite project published for consultation its fifth draft Bill - the Corporation Tax Bill. This represents the final stage of a two year consultation process, the results of which are reflected in this draft Bill.

The remit of the project is to rewrite the existing legislation so that it is clearer and easier to use without changing its effect apart from minor specified changes. Accordingly, even though the ordering and detailed drafting of the provisions may differ from the source legislation, there is no change to their effect except where minor changes are specifically identified. These minor changes, of which there are 107, are explained in detail in Annex 1 of the Explanatory Notes to the draft Bill.

The draft Bill will be amended later in the year to reflect changes made by the Finance Act 2008 to the underlying provisions and to deal with points that arise from this consultation.

Contents of the draft Bill

The draft Bill consists of 1253 clauses and four Schedules. It includes:

  • the basic corporation tax provisions including the charge to tax, accounting periods and provisions relating to company residence
  • provisions relating to trading and property income and income from other sources
  • special provisions for companies affecting the computation of income, such as those for loan relationships, derivative contracts and intangibles
  • provisions governing particular types of expenditure, for example, expenditure on research and development and films

This is the first of two Bills which will substantially rewrite the primary legislation relating to corporation tax. The second will be published in draft form in February 2009 and is expected to come into force on 1 April 2010.

Particular Features

The removal of Schedules and Cases

The charging of income under Schedules and Cases goes back to William Pitt’s Act of 1799. Schedules and Cases were removed for income tax purposes by ITTOIA, the third rewrite Act, in 2005 and are now removed by this draft Bill for corporation tax purposes.

Inclusion of provisions already rewritten for income tax

Some of the provisions within this draft Bill rewrite, for corporation tax purposes, source legislation which applied for both income and corporation taxes. The relevant legislation was rewritten separately for income tax purposes by ITTOIA. This draft Bill adopts the style of that Act so that the income tax and corporation tax provisions will be consistent. The minor changes to the law which were made by ITTOIA are now made for corporation tax purposes.

Origins and destinations

The material published on the HMRC website - see below, includes tables of origins and destinations. These will assist anyone studying the draft Bill to identify the source material for any given provision and trace what has happened to it.


Public consultation on this Bill will run to 23 May 2008.

In particular, views are sought on 36 specific questions set out in the explanatory notes, many of which are about proposed minor changes to the law. Questions are not asked in respect of changes, etc that have previously been consulted on. But comments on any aspect of the draft Bill are welcome.

The draft Bill and its explanatory notes can be viewed by visiting the Rewrite ( area and a limited number of paper copies are available through the contact shown below. Two versions of the draft Bill are available on the website, one with the origins to the rewritten legislation and one without.

Comments on the draft Bill should be sent, preferably by email, to:
Jackie Bartlett

Or by post to:

Jackie Bartlett
Tax Law Rewrite
8th floor South West Wing
Bush House

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