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How to Apply For a UK Work Permit


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If you wish to apply for a work permit to allow you to work in the UK there are several options dependant on your skills and qualifications. Those that are highly skilled with a degree and work experience may wish to apply via the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme which will allow them freedom to come to the UK and seek work. Those that apply via the HSMP route will be granted access to the UK for 2 years but will have the chance to stay longer if they can prove they are in full time employment once the two year period is up.

Another option is the work permit visa. You are not allowed to apply for a work permit yourself; your potential employer has to apply on your behalf. If you get granted a work permit it is only specific to the employer who applied for it. You cannot go off and work somewhere else with it. Unfortunately you cannot get a work permit for contract work.

The employer that is applying for the work visa needs to prove that the chosen candidate is experienced enough to be granted a work permit. The candidate has to have either a UK degree equivalent qualification, three years senior level experience or a HND level occupation or an NVQ at level three or above. Also the employer will need to prove evidence that they have made satisfactory efforts to hire a UK or EU citizen in the form of advertising.

If you have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK then you do not need to apply for a work permit. Also people who are in the UK as a spouse or a work permit holder or commonwealth citizens with ancestry visas also need not apply for a work permit. To be eligible for Leave to Remain which allows a non EU citizen to stay and work in the UK for as long as they wish, they need to have been living and working in the UK for five years or more.

Nationals of the European Union and European Economic Area are can freely enter and work within the UK for an indefinite period of time. All they need is a EU passport and or a National Identity Card and proof that they have the funds to support themselves.

There are many occupations in the UK that are short of workers. Those immigrants that wish to work on these work areas shouldn't have any trouble find work in the UK. Some of the work categories that are on the UK Skills Occupational Shortage list are:

Engineering including:-

* Traffic Engineer or Transport Planner * Highways Design Engineer or Highways Planning Engineer

Ground Engineering including:-

* Geoenvironmental Engineer * Geotechnical Engineer * Geological Advisor

Other Engineering including:-

* Chartered Quantity Surveyors * CAA Licensed Aircraft Engineer * Overhead Electricity Linesworker

Healthcare including:-

* Doctors * Salaried GPs * Dentists

General medical including:-

* Accident & Emergency * Additional Dental Specialities * Anaesthetics

Teachers Veterinary Surgeons

So if you have experience working in those fields and would like to come to the UK to work you have a lot more chance than in any other field of work. Check the full list skills below.

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