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How to Move Your Career in the Right Direction


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If youíre facing unemployment or have been unemployed for a number of months itís important not to get despondent. Although immediate prospects may seem to have dried up itís important to recognise that your time isnít up.

Probably now more than ever you have to do careful research into the companies youíre applying for. It may seem this course of action is a luxury from a more prosperous time, however, making sure youíre the right match for both the company and the role will give you greater confidence which will, in turn, reflect well in interview. Remember, the interview panel is just as anxious about filling the role as you are about finding your next position. Youíre more likely to succeed if both parties are moving in the same direction.

It may seem as though you should apply en masse for jobs, sending off your CV to whoever and for whatever with the philosophy that quantity is greater than quality. Just because times are tough doesnít mean you can forget the basic rules.

Keep these things in mind when applying for your next role:
∑ Do I agree with the ethos of the company?
∑ Does the position advertised match my skill set?
∑ Do I have to make compromises Iím not willing to make?

What if you want to work for a certain company but a position that matches you is not being advertised? Do not let this get you down. If theyíre recruiting for anything it means they have money to recruit! Donít hesitate in contacting them directly because if you feel positive about that company then, chances are, theyíll feel similarly about you. As budgets tighten those companies hiring want to make sure they are getting the perfect candidate.

This task can seem daunting, especially if youíve been in your position for a number of years. The important thing is to stay positive and focused. A career coach can help you manage your time and resources to their full potential and hold invaluable advice to help you kick-start your career again. You donít have to tackle unemployment on your own Ė there is help and advice out there.

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Personal Career Solutions have been operating in the career management and outplacement field for over a decade and can provide professional input into your career to make sure you are on the right road. To meet with a consultant for a free, no obligation appraisal please visit or call 0844 880 6690 to speak to a representative.

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