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How to Stay Relevant Throughout the Recession


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With unemployment rising to 7.8%, the number of mid to senior level managers and professionals looking for perceived ‘stop-gap’ jobs has also increased. Whilst taking an unchallenging position you thought you’d never do again in your

The ONS published a report last month with figures showing that it is the shortcomings of business services are the main driver of the downturn and the financial services market shrinking further in Q2 compared to Q1. These negative motions are reflected in the unemployment count amongst mid to senior level professionals within these industries. Business investment has continued to slow, representing poor business confidence, resulting in a further freeze in recruitment initiatives until there is serious evidence of markets’ continued improvement.

That stop-gap job is a must have if you want to keep afloat financially, but if you want to come out on top at the end of the recession you must always keep yourself ahead of your peers. You need to make sure you’re doing that little bit extra to give you an edge that will set you apart once the economy settles and HR departments start recruiting once more.

Why not volunteer for a local charity on the side? For example, if you are an accountant offer to do the books for a local cause which will keep you ticking over and show a future employer that you’re passionate about your career and haven’t become disenfranchised within your own market. Whilst you may remain unchallenged the benefits of volunteering will leave you a boost from doing something worthwhile as well as leaving you without a gap on your CV and plenty to talk about in an interview.

If you are struggling with your job search and are beginning to feel alienated from the job market career coaching and career management services can give you the confidence and support you need. Career Management consultants, provide each of their clients with a Project Manager who provides guidance to ensure they are on the right track and taking relevant routes to market.

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