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ISO 14001 Factsheet


Chris Eden - Quality Matters Limited

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An Environmental Management system for improving environmental performance. A set of common sense guidelines to help your organisation become 'green'.

What are the benefits of ISO 14001 Registration?

Internationally recognised environmental mark. Certificates awarded by independent accredited organisations. Customers do not have to do their own checks on a supplier. Proves environmental credentials to potential customers.

How many ISO 14001 Certificates have been issued?

Around a quarter of million worldwide.

The Model for ISO14001

What is covered by ISO14001?

BS EN ISO 14001:2004 requires 6 main sections to be addressed, these are:

  1. Environmental Management System;
  2. Environmental Policy;
  3. Planning;
  4. Implementation and Operation
  5. Checking
  6. Management Review.

Each section is subdivided as required and covers all elements of the business having an impact on the environment.

How long does it take to obtain certification?

This obviously varies from organisation to organisation, but the prime requirement is that the Organisation must have three months of 'track record' from completion of the document set.

As rough guide 14001 can be achieved in about 8-10 months.

What documentation is needed?

An Environmental Manual and procedures/processes for operating the environmental systems.

Once the certificate is issued what happens next?

The certification authority will carry out surveillance visits each year to ensure continued compliance.

Sections of ISO14001:2004

  1. Scope
  2. Normative references
  3. Terms and Definitions
  4. Environmental Management System Requirements
    1. General requirements
    2. Environmental Policy
    3. Planning
      1. Environmental Aspects
      2. Legal and Other Requirements
      3. Objectives, Targets and Programme(s)
    4. Implementation and Operation
      1. Resources, Roles and Responsibility and Authority
      2. Competence, Training and Awareness
      3. Communication
      4. Documentation
      5. Control of Documents
      6. Operational Control
      7. Emergency Preparedness and Response
    5. Checking
      1. Monitoring and Measurement
      2. Evaluation of Compliance
      3. Non-conformity, Corrective and Preventive Action
      4. Control of Records
      5. Internal Audit
    6. Management Review

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About the Author

Chris Eden FIBC, MISSA, ACQI is a director of Quality Matters Limited an established independent management consultancy based in Essex, UK which specialises in ISO14001 Environmental Management consultancy.

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