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When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.
~Albert Einstein

We decided to walk the kilometre to the restaurant for supper, so, with running shoes and spring jacket on, hand in hand we strolled down the street.

Just as we were getting ready to cross the street to the restaurant, Scott, a friend of ours and his walking partner, power walked by us. We just couldn't help admiring Scott and his determination, as he has suffered from Diabetes for years, and was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, but you'd never know it from his smiling face and upbeat comments as he blew by us.

Not giving it any more thought, Judy and I went in and talked our way through a pizza. We talked about things that needed to be done, actions that we had to take on a certain project, plans that needed to be finalized and things we wanted to do around the house. Exactly an hour later as we exited the restaurant, two pieces of takeout chocolate cheesecake in hand, Scott walked by us again going in the opposite direction.

His timing was perfect.

As we walked home, I started thinking about the fact that while we were eating, taking life easy, there were people who were struggling just to get another hour to live or another hour to work to raise a family. And we who are healthy, financially secure, mentally happy and physically fit don't think much about that hour and the potential that it has within it.

What is another hour anyway?

When you are slowly dying of cancer, or some other ailment, an hour is a lifetime.

When you are working to build your business, an hour seems like a short second.

But, anyway you slice it, an hour, a minute, a second is irreplaceable. You can never get it back again: So, take caution my friend how you fill it.

If it was you who only had one more hour to live, how would you fill it? Would you spend it pitying yourself or would you give it to someone who needed your touch or your words? Would you give or would you take?

As I have been hit by the implications of my thoughts this weekend, I thought about that hour that we spent in the restaurant. In the hour that we were in the restaurant, Scott:

1. Walked 5 kilometres
2. Burned approximately 300 calories.
3. Cleared his mind from stress.
4. Increased his metabolism.
5. Strengthened core muscles.
6. Increased flexibility.
7. Improved his respiratory function.
8. Did his best to fight cancer.

And that's only one hour! Think of all the possibilities.

Why, in an hour you could:

1. Do something for your environment.
2. Cook a meal for someone.
3. Write a letter to someone who needs to hear from you.
4. Make a phone call.
5. Volunteer to help at a shelter or a food kitchen or at your local church/synagogue/mosque.
6. Help someone unexpectedly.
7. Tutor a student.
8. Donate blood.
9. Write your vision of your future.
10. Go for a walk/run.
11. Work on a project.
12. Build your team.
13. ...??

The list could be practically endless, limited only to your passion and imagination! What will you do?

This week, why not take an hour and add more significance to your life by doing something that will add value and depth. In the time it takes to invest an hour, you could change your life, and potentially the lives of many others. What's stopping you, it's only an hour?

Make this your best week ever.

About the Author

S. Paul Kearley
Personal Best Training Solutions
Business Coach, Managing Partner
Dale Carnegie Business Group
506 432 6500

A successful salesperson, speaker and manager, author of over 350 articles and 3 e-books, Paul Kearley has coached many thousands of people since his start in the Personal and Business development business in 1985.  From Premiers of provinces to CEOís, or from salespeople to students, Paul has assisted them all to create alignment, build confidence, improve human relations, deal effectively with stress, amplify sales and strengthen attitudes.

A Business coach for Dale Carnegie Business Group, Paul is licensed to coach in leadership, management, customer relations, personal development, public speaking and sales.  Paul has worked with numerous companies and organizations from developing greater sales effectiveness with Jacques Whitford Engineering (now Stantec) to creating an environment where everyone sells, as he did with PEI Credit Unions, to making change stick with The Municipality for the County of Richmond and coaching JD Irvingís I.T. team to present more convincingly and with power.

 As Managing Partner for the Canadian Maritimes, Paulís responsibilities include creating a dynamic support team, building an ever-increasing client base, training new business coaches and delivering 100% client satisfaction.

To connect with Paul, simply drop him a line at  

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