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Is Your Vision 20-20


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Think of a time when you had your vision checked at the ophthalmologist. The Dr. assessed your current prescription, tested your vision (“Which looks clearer, 1 or 2?”), ensured you were able to see all the colors of life, prescribed a new prescription, and then helped get that prescription filled with new glasses or contacts. Creating or reconnect with your personal or business vision is accomplished in the same way.

Just as important as visual sight is for your life, a vision for your self and business is just as critical to achieving your goals. According to, “Both people and organizations need to establish a strategic framework for significant success.”

Your vision is a statement of what your organization wants to become. It gives shape and direction to your organizations future. It is different from a mission statement, which is a statement of your organizations purpose and function.

The Alliance for Nonprofit Management had this to say about the importance of a strong vision: “There is one universal rule of planning: You will never be greater than the vision that guides you - - - The vision statement should require the organization's members to stretch their expectations, aspirations, and performance. Without that powerful, attractive, valuable vision, why bother?”

Why bother indeed? Well, a strongly articulated vision statement communicates values; it is literally a possible dream. Some inherent benefits of creating a vision for your business are:

• Unification of people at all levels toward a common goal

• Provide a sound foundation for decision making

• Empowers an enterprise

• Builds on the past

• It is a vehicle for developing and communicating common values throughout the organization

• It results in increased and more meaningful commitment from management and workers

• Greater focus and clarity to your desired future

Here are 4 easy steps towards creating a powerful vision for your business:

Step 1: Schedule Uninterrupted Time

Ensure this time is away from the office. It'si mportant to take time away to work ON your business instead of just IN it. This time is about creating or reconnecting with your vision.

Step 2: Formulate Your Thoughts

During this time, answer the following questions (and any others) that will help you formulate your vision:

• What do I really want?

• What's the impact I desire for my business to make in our industryor community

• Where do I want to take my business?

• Why is this important to me?

• How will I feel when I accomplish this vision?

Step 3: Craft Your Vision Statement

Once you have thoughtfully prepared answers to the above questions, and any others you identified, you are ready to craft your vision.

Summarize your answers into a positive affirming statement written in first person. Make statements about the future you plan to achieve. Write the statements as if you are already making them happen in your life

Examples: ABC Corporation is recognized and respected as one of the premier technology solution providers to small and mid-sized customers.

The Westin Hotels’ vision is "Year after year, Westin and its people will be regarded as the best and most sought after hotel and resort management group in North America."

Step 4: Bring Your Vision to Life

Share your vision with a colleague or your staff. Type up your statement and post it in prominent places to keep you excited about your future.

The very same steps can be used to create a personal vision for your life or a particular goal. These steps seem simple, but will require some serious time and contemplation in order to result in a powerful statement. May you soon be seeing a brighter tomorrow!

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