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Useful articles concerning Marketing and business that may be of use to the business professional and people learning the ropes. Articles are Marketing in nature and are picked for their interest and informative content to you the business oriented person. We hope some of these articles are useful to your business and contribute to your success and understanding.

  1. Why Your Customers Lie To You

  2. Giving your clients a little something extra - The concept of lagniappe

  3. When Good Customer Service Rules Go Bad

  4. Investment on Returns

  5. You Made a Mistake - Now I am Your Biggest Fan

  6. Create your Personal Marketing Plan with the Know-Like-Trust Principle

  7. Email Marketing 101 - 5 Important Rules To Follow

  8. Email Marketing Lists - 3 Important Questions

  9. Email Marketing 101 - 5 Campaign Types That Stick

  10. The Art Of Crafting An Effective E-Newsletter

  11. Email Marketing 101 - 5 Ways To Make Your Campaigns Successful

  12. E- Marketing 101: - Exploring The Power Of Online Email Marketing Services

  13. Email Marketing - A Beginners Guide To Important Terms

  14. How To Become Your Own Email Marketing Guru

  15. Understand the Truth About Buyers to Increase Sales

  16. Internet Marketing and the Psychology of Color

  17. Stop Sabotaging the Sales Experience

  18. Six Tips for Improving E-mail Campaigns

  19. Women and Marketing

  20. Selling is an Effective Conversation

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