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16 December 2009

"Devices and similar articles designed for computing and measuring cannot be copyrighted. Common examples of uncopyrightable computing and measuring works include slide rulers, wheel dials, and perpetual calendar designs.

Ideas, methods, systems, mathematical principles, formulas, and equations are not copyrightable, and the same is true of devices based on them. Printed material on a device-for example, lines, numbers, symbols, and calibrations, as well as their arrangement-is likewise not copyrightable, because such material is necessarily dictated by an uncopyrightable idea, principle, formula, or standard of measurement.

To be copyrightable, a work must contain a certain minimum amount of creative authorship in the form of original literary, artistic, or musical expression. A computing or measuring device as such ordinarily contains no copyrightable expression. It does not communicate facts or ideas but, instead, is a means for arriving at an almost unlimited number of readings or results. To the extent that the contents of a device are predetermined by its function, they lack creative authorship."

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