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Published 13th February 2014

Last year the Government ran a pilot Pre-Planning Application Advice Service through the Environment Agency.

Following the successful pilot the paid-for service was launched in the Midlands and South East in January 2014 and it will become available in other regions in the next few months.

The service is intended to help developers apply for planning permission or a development consent order, and who need detailed technical advice.

Some free advice is available through the EA website but the more detailed technical advice will be through a formal agreement for which a charge is made.

Other legal problems

Remember that getting planning permission on its own is not enough to allow you to develop the land or property. The legal title can sometimes show other issues which can prevent development such as:

  • existing restrictive covenants that limit the use of the land.
  • third party rights, such as rights of drainage or rights of way.
  • unknown covenants and rights i.e. it is known the rights may exist but the details are unknown.

Therefore, in all cases, before you spend money on a planning application, you should always check the legal title and make sure there are no barriers to future development.

If there are such barriers, then they can often be resolved either by a form of insurance or simply negotiation with another party. However, if such negotiation is necessary you should do this before planning permission is obtained as this will then increase the value and therefore the amount you might have to pay to a third party.

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By David Heys

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