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Danielle Grant

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What can a coach/mentor do for you? Finding your feet in a new job and a new company can take as long as six months, which is an expensive process for your employer. A coach or mentor can ease the way, helping you to integrate quickly and become part of the team. Danielle Grant of LeaderShape talks about the importance of a coach or mentor when you’re new to the job.

According to Human Resources Magazine, the coaching and mentoring industry is growing rapidly and it’s becoming more focused on achieving particular outcomes. Coaching is seen as proactive, rather than as some kind of remedial action and whilst one of its main benefits is staff retention, it can deliver other tangible results, particularly for new employees.

Bringing in people at a senior level is really quite a risky business and as one HR Director stated: “The more senior you are, the harder it is to integrate. There’s pressure to be successful – some of which people place on themselves – and they feel they have to perform from day one.” So how do you help a new member of staff to hit the ground running?

A coach or mentoring programme for an initial period of, say, three months, allows any new employee the opportunity to learn about the business and warm to its visions, values and the rest of the management team. Working with a mentor or coach enables you to explore new plans, ideas or a solution to an ongoing problem, and gauge the general reaction that it might provoke within the business. You can ask day-to-day questions, define your strengths and weaknesses within your new role and amongst others, resolve personality conflicts, you can also monitor initial feedback on your appointment. The coach can provide the new recruit with a robust sounding board, helping them to think through issues and consequences, even shadowing them in situations that they are finding difficult.

Whether you use internal or external coaches and mentors, or a mixture of both, the aim really is to maximise on the potential of any new member of your team in the quickest way possible. You could be rewarded with an excellent salary, but if you are left to flounder for the first six months, the company will see a very slow return on their investment. The risk of organisational rejection also runs high, which is of no benefit to either party. To hit the ground running, in the shortest possible time, make the most of a coaching or mentoring programme – it will fast track your way into your new role.

About the Author

Danielle Grant is a Director of LeaderShape Ltd. She is a highly experienced and accredited Coach, Mentor and Facilitator of individuals (especially CEO’s and Senior Managers), teams and peer groups. Danielle is also an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Chester. Visit for more details.

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