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21 December 2012

An employee might experience poor performance at work, when undergoing personal stress and other issues such as pressure at work. It is essential for an employer to acknowledge their employees work performance as it might have a negative impact on productivity, working conditions and health and safety issues.

What is Poor Performance at work?

Poor performance can occur when an employee fail to deliver required level of performance. In other words, poor performance is essentially when an employer that the employees work is not up to the satisfactory level. However, poor performance can be an issue that worries both employers and employees as it also can be very emotional to handle.

Types of poor performance

There are three basic types of poor performance at work that an employer can use to dismiss their employee. These are:

1. Unsatisfactory work

2. Breaches of work practices, procedures and rules

3. Employees personal issues, such as domestic and environment problems that might affect their performance at work.

Fair dismissal and the ACAS guidelines

Poor performance at work can led to dismissal, but for a dismissal to be fair, your employer must demonstrate that they have followed a fair procedure. An employer must ideally address the performance issues and give a clear warning to their employee. However, the ACAS code of practice provides guidance for employers to ensure that performance issued are dealt with fairly at work. The ACAS code is not legally binding, so whether or not an employer abides by it will be a factor for the Employment Tribunals too consider when determining whether the performance dismissal is fair.

By Emma Wigmore, Emma is a paralegal at Lawdit Solicitors

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